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Box Art Revealed For Star Wars Fallen Jedi Shows Characters In Action

Ever since EA and Respawn Games announced that they will be releasing a Star Wars single player game they hype around it has been phenomenal and now they have released the box art for Star Wars Fallen Jedi which shows plenty characters that will feature in the game.

It is certain that we will get more about the game in E3 during EA play and Microsoft’s E3 conference but the box art which was released early gives a glimpse of what the game will be like.


The first image shows Cal Kestis the lead protagonist in the game holding a blue lightsaber, the trailer which was released earlier showed that Cal is in hiding as he is the only living Jedi left after the events of Order 66.

The second image of Star Wars Fallen Jedi shows more characters of the game, which has a host of characters on both sides of the force and a few battleships in the background. This is surely going to increase the anticipation of the people who have been waiting for such a game.


It would be greatly appreciated if EA does not repeat the mistakes they made during the launch of Battlefront 2 which had a paywall for players to progress in the game and the loot boxes system drove the majority of the players away from the title.

Looking at recent launches with Anthem which seems almost dead right now, we are on the fence about this game and we’re waiting for official confirmation which will be released during E3 next week.

Star Wars Fallen Jedi will be available for PC, Xbox One and PC