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Star Stable: How To Get Star Coins

Check out our guide on how to get Star coins in Star Stable.

Star Stable is a free-to-play online MMO game that involves several adventures and quests with a horse. As you progress, you can customize the horses and characters. You can take care of multiple horses and complete several quests to earn money. Speaking of money, Star coins are the premium currencies that you can use to buy different stuff. You can also use them to buy Horses, pets, riding clubs, and more. But is there a way to get them? Check out our guide on how to get the Star coins in Star Stable.

How to Get Star Coins in Star Stable

There are several ways to get the Star coins. Here are some methods to get the Star coins:

star stable star coins

Star Rider Subscription

  • Although the game is free-to-play, you can purchase and sign-up as a Star Rider (link) to earn Star coins.
  • Upon signing up for a month, you will receive 1000 Star coins on the purchase. And 100 Star coins for every week.
  • You can purchase this bundle for $ 8.49 per month. There are different bundle subscriptions as well.
  • This includes a 3-months offer that includes a bonus of 3 months and 400 Star coins on the purchase. It also includes 100-star coins per week. This subscription costs $ 20.99 per quarter.
  • Alternatively, you can also buy the “Pay once subscription” that offers 1200 Star coins on the purchase.
  • As the name suggests, you don’t need to pay for the subscription, again. And you will receive 100 Star Coins weekly allowance. This offer costs $ 74.99 and gives 1200 Star coins on the purchase.

Purchasing Star Coins

  • As you head over to the Star Stable, you can also purchase the Star coins directly from the store.
  • You can purchase different bundles for Star coins from the website’s official store.
  • But make sure that you purchase from the official site (link).
  • That’s because several phishing websites can steal your credit card credentials. So, head over to the official web store and purchase a suitable bundle.

Star Coin Giveaways

During certain events, Star Stable occasionally drop giveaways on their official social media. So, follow their Facebook and Twitter pages for timely updates. While these giveaways are rare and for a short time, you wouldn’t miss free Star Coins. You can also check out our updated list of Star Stable Codes for plenty of freebies and rewards.

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