How To Find Star 27’s Mural Location In Forza Horizon 5

Here's where to find Star 27's Mural Location in Forza Horizon 5 (FH5) & complete the #MURALCOMPASS photo challenge with a Modern Sports Car.

FH5 has some amazing photo challenges and one of them requires you to take a snap of a wonderful mural in Mexico. In this quick guide, I will show you the way to find the Star 27’s mural in Mulegé in Forza Horizon 5.

Where to Find Star 27’s Mural Location in Forza Horizon 5

The location of Star 27’s Mural is in Mulegé town which is at the western region of the map. Here is the exact location on the map that you can mark in your game right away.

how to find super 27 mural location fh5
Star 27 Mural Location in FH5 on map #MuralCompass

To get there, drive straight to the center of the town from the Horizon Festival site, passing through the highway. The highway is the one next to Baja California on the map. As soon as you get to the main entrance of the town (where it says Heroica Mulegé), take the first left.

mulege town fh5

Keep going along the road. Now, you will see the colorful mural right in front of you, next to a fruit stall. What you are looking for is an abstract artwork with cacti, a mountain, a setting sun and a human face. Park your car anywhere near the location.

Now, make sure you switch your car to a Modern Sports Car, if you haven’t already because that is crucial for the completion of this challenge. And of course, have the mural in the shot. Once you are all set, bring up the photo mode by pressing up on your d-pad and click the picture by pressing A. That’s all there is to it, you can now see that you have completed the #muralcompass photo challenge.

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