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Stands Awakening Tier List (April 2023)

This is the complete tier list for all the Stands in the Stands Awakening.

Confused about which Stand to pick? We have got your back with our complete Stands Awakening Tier List. We will be updating this list on a monthly basis so make sure that you bookmark this page to stay up to date.

Stands Awakening Tier List

Complete Stands Awakening Tier List

S + TIER Clown Crimson, Unverified Bootleg Purple Guy, Verified Bootleg Purple Guy.
S TIER Solar One More Time, DTW, DTWOVA, Sonic.
A TIER JSPOVA, JSP, Cosmic Luigi, Made on Hallows Eve, STW, Sonic.Exe.
B TIER Whitesnake: AU, Hallow’s World, Sans Crimson: AU, Star Platinum: The World, 1M Pot Platinum, King Crimson: AU.
C TIER Eva C-Moon, ULF, Ender Crimson: AU, Golden Wind, Sticky Fingers, D4C, Eva-01, Sans Crimson, The World OVA OH, King Crimson: Requiem, Luigi’s World.
D TIER Herobrine, The World Greatest High, Neo The World AU, Volcanic GER, Ender Crimson, Mario Platinum, ONI, Star Platinum OVA OH, Creeper Queen, Purple Haze, Spin, Steve Platinum, Pink King Crimson, The World: Over Heaven.
E TIER Bootleg Pot Platinum, King Crimson, Soft and Wet, Edgy Star Platinum, True Star Platinum, The World OVA, Volcanic Gold Experience, Shiny Sword, Kars, Toxic GER, Gold Soft and Wet, Star Platinum OVA, Volcanic King Crimson, C-Moon, Star Platinum: Over Heaven, Made In Heaven, Vampiric The World.
F TIER Gold Experience Requiem, Hamon, Star Platinum, Vampire, Pillarman, Samurai, Sword, Volcanic Doppio, Volcanic Two Arm Doppio, The World, Hierophant Green, Whitesnake, The World AU, Gold Experience, Oreo King Crimson, Manga King Crimson.
F – TIER Standless, Killer Queen, One More Time, Anubis, Crazy Diamond, Two Arm Doppio KC, Star Platinum: Stone Ocean, Toxic Gold Experience.

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