How to Win Standoffs in Ghost of Tsushima?

Standoffs in Ghost of Tsushima is a way to kill multiple enemies at once if you can perfectly trigger it. Here is a detailed guide on how to execute standoffs like a pro?

Standoffs in Ghost of Tsushima allows you to challenge the Mongol soldiers. It is a kind of special combat where if you are late pressing the right key you will be ambushed by soldiers. But if you can hit the button when it is needed you can kill one or more enemies instantly. Isn’t this sound amazing?

Learning Standoffs in Ghost of Tsushima is highly important that will help you to trigger this special fight system. Also, there are consequences and limitations, sometime enemies fake their moves that cancel the Standoff. You have to be smart to know when to attack, here is a detailed guide and tips on how to learn standoffs fast in Ghost of Tsushima?

How to Win a Standoff in Ghost of Tsushima?

To win a standoff you have to press the triangle key when the enemy is just about to attack. This unlocks a cinematic combat scene where you will see Jin slicing enemy down in a fraction of second. But first, you have to trigger Standoff in Ghost of Tsushima.

To that hold Triangle after selecting standoff and do not leave the key until the soldier starts moving towards you. Sometimes the enemies fake their move, they will lunge and retreat, this cancels the standoff. After this multiple soldiers can attack you at the same time. That is why it is necessary to understand when the enemy will be throwing off the blade on your head.

To perfectly execute a standoff, after it starts hold the triangle button and wait for the enemy to move towards you. When you are sure enough press triangle once again. This will perfectly execute the standoff and sometime you will see Jin killing more than one soldier. This is the easiest way to deal with a group of soldiers on patrol.

Remember as the standoff begins hold triangle and wait for the enemy to move towards you. Wait until they are near enough and then press triangle again to execute them. Sometimes the enemies fake the moves making you press the triangle key fast. You cannot just trigger a second Standoff instantly it is gone and you will know to have to deal with them in hand to hand combat.

You can upgrade Standoff’s move to make it better in Ghost of Tsushima. Upgrading the combat move will allow you to kill more than one enemy. The basic one kills one soldier while upgrading will let you kill two to three enemies just by pressing one triangle key.

Upgrading Standoff Streak

You will need upgrade points to level up Standoff and boost its potential in Ghost of Tsushima. Go to the Menu and in the Techniques section look for Evolving Tactics. You will see Standoff, Standoff Stream, and Improve Standoff Streak upgrades. Max, it out and with your existing weapon, you can kill multiple enemies instantly.

Standoff is a strong move and highly effective against a group of enemies. Without wasting much of your stamina you can trigger this move and kill stronger enemies just by pressing one key. So this is how you can use standoff against enemies in Ghost of Tsushima. Stay tuned for more pro-level combat tips only on