How To Stand Still In CAS In Sims 4 – Stop Sim From Moving

Here's all you need on how to stand still in CAS in Sims 4.

Are you wondering how to stand Still in CAS in Sims 4? Then you are at the right place as this guide is all you will need. One of the most annoying parts of Create-a-Sim is that the Sim often move in the wrong direction instead of staying still. If you are creating a Sim and want to see how the outfit is fitting on them, you might understand how frustrating this can be. Thankfully, there is a fix to this and you can have your Sim stay still in Create-a-Sim. Since you are here, you also want a way to make this happen. We recommend you check out our steps below and have a better experience with CAS.

How to Stand Still in CAS in Sims 4

Sims 4 Create a Sim Stay Still

Although there is no switch that you can toggle, you can use the Cheat Console to make your character stand still in the Sims 4 CAS. Here’s what you need to do in order to make you Sim stay still in Create-a-Sim:

  • Firstly, open the Cheat Console on your device. The following are the controls for each platform –
    • Windows – Ctrl + Shift + C
    • Mac – Cmd + Shift + C
    • Xbox – LT + LB + RT + RB
    • PlayStation – L1 + L2 + R1 + R2
  • Next, in the Cheat Console type in testingcheats on and then confirm it in order to use cheats.
  • Now that the cheats are enabled, you will have to open the Cheat Console again using the key binds mentioned above and then type in casclockspeed 0.
  • With this cheat, your Sim will stop moving around in Create-a-Sim. Make sure the Sim is in the exact position you want them to freeze in.
  • When you want them to move again, type in casclockspeed 1 in the Cheat Console and they won’t Stay Still any longer.

That’s all there is on how to Stand Still in CAS in Sims 4. While you are here, make sure you check out our other Sims 4 guides right here at Gamer Tweak.