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How To Complete Stamp Rally In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Celebrate International Museum Day 2021 in Animal Crossing New Horizons with a Stamp Rally.

International Museum Day 2021 in Animal Crossing began on May 18 and it will continue until May 31. The task for players is to complete Stamp Rally in ACNH to get a reward. What exactly you should be doing and what are the rewards? Keep reading to know.

ACNH Stamp Rally Guide (International Museum Day 2021)


International Museum Day 2021 acnh stamp rallyFirst, you have to visit the museum on your island on the dates mentioned above. Then talk to Blathers who will guide you through the process. All you have to do is find stamp stations throughout the museum and press A at them. Check out every type of exhibit like Fish, Bugs, Fossils as well as Art. What you are looking for is a station with an Owl symbol on it. Interact with it and this will give a stamp on your card. Once the card is full, talk to Blathers again. He will give you your reward right there. You can either visit him after you are done with all cards or after completing each one.

So, there are 4 Stamp Cards and 12 Stamps in all and when you complete it, your International Museum Day 2021 task for the day will be done. Nothing complicated or confusing!

You can continue playing this daily until the event ends. The locations of the Stamp Stations will be different so there’s still an element of surprise there. But note that the rewards will be the same which is kind of a bummer. But if that’s okay for you, go ahead and go hunting again in the ACNH Stamp Rally activity.


ACNH International Museum Day 2021 Rewards

Players can get their hands on four items as a International Museum Day 2021 reward. There’s a Fish Plaque, Bug Plaque, Fossil Plaque and Art Plaque. All of these are (of course) related to the type of exhibit you have in your museum. You can sell this item if you would like (for 2500 Bells) or you can mount it on your wall in your house.

This is all you need to know about ACNH Stamp Rally (International Museum Day 2021). Don’t forget to check out our Animal Crossing New Horizons guides for more tips and tricks to make the best island ever.