Squid Royale Season Finale Brings Glass Bridge and Marble to Silly Royale

Made-in-India social game Silly Royale's third and final season of Squid Royale content is out now.

  • Developed by SuperGaming, Silly Royale is India’s premier social game with over 13 million installs on mobile
  • Inspired by Netflix show ‘Squid Game’, Squid Royale Season 3 brings ‘Glass Bridge’ and ‘Marble’ for the season finale
  • Season Finale content joins popular games like ‘Red Light Green Light’, Honeycomb Dalgona, and Tug of War from Seasons 1 and 2

Squid Royale

Made-in-India social game Silly Royale’s third and final season of Squid Royale content is out now. Squid Royale is a mode in Silly Royale that has games inspired by the popular Netflix show ‘Squid Game’.

The season finale will bring ‘Glass Bridge’ and ‘Marble’ games from the popular Netflix series, Squid Game, to add to ‘Red Light, Green Light’ debuted in Season 1 and ‘Honeycomb Dalgona’ and ‘Tug of War’ from Season 2. Additionally, players also stand a chance to win daily rewards and 4 new skins.

“Squid Royale Season 2 was our best one yet as Silly Royale crossed 13 million installs worldwide,” says Christelle D’cruz, co-founder and General Manager, Silly Royale. “The season finale will let players play all five games from Squid Royale which will make it even more fun and competitive for them.”

Squid Royale

Silly Royale Squid Royale Season Finale Update — What’s New

  • 40-player Squid Royale
  • 2 new games – Glass Bridge and Marble
  • Daily rewards – In-game rewards and cosmetics
  • 4 new skins –
    • Salesman skin
    • Doll skin
    • VIP owl skin(001 players in the Squid Gameshow)
    • Survivor skin (Last man standing in the Squid Gameshow)
  • A sign-in option that will let players carry their progress to other devices

Squid Royale

Furthermore, Silly Royale’s Season 3’s best players will enter into a raffle to win an iPhone 13. Season 1 saw 22-year-old Sagar Sharma from Meerut winning an iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB with 110 wins in Squid Royale. The Top 100 players from Season 2 will go into a raffle today on Silly Royale’s Discord with the winner getting a PlayStation 5.

In Silly Royale Season 2, a total number of 378,655 matches were played. The game’s popular voice chat feature also clocked more than 100 million voice minutes to date while the game crossed more than 13 million installs worldwide.