Square Enix Postpones Many Games To 2022/23 Due To COVID-19

Square Enix recently shared the results of the fiscal year, which not only showed the serious financial losses mainly due to the lack of success achieved by Marvel’s Avengers, but confirmed that some of the planned games have been postponed to 2022/2023.

Although the Japanese giant has not announced the imminent arrival of games of a particular thickness, many projects should debut in the coming months on the next-gen consoles of Sony and Microsoft. Besides Nier Replicant, Outriders and Bravely Default 2, one of the most anticipated titles by fans is absolutely Final Fantasy XVI, exclusive to the future owners of PlayStation 5.

At this point the question arises, will there be Yoshida’s new project among the postponed titles? At the moment we have no confirmations, but according to the recent words of Square Enix, the title would be at an advanced stage of development and we should know more in 2021.

The decision to postpone the release of some titles (still unknown) to 2022/23 is mainly due to the health emergency caused by the coronavirus, which negatively impacted the development of many of the upcoming games.

Below is one of the highlights in the tax briefing:

Impact on the development timelines for our new titles owing to discruptions to the work of outsourcers that we contract for a portion of our development efforts. Revisiting our development timelines led to the postponement of some launches into FY2022/3 or later.

Waiting to find out more details on the story, in addition to the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XVI (exclusive to PlayStation 5), Square Enix is ​​also working on an expansion of Final Fantasy XIV and the sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake.