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Square Enix developing New IP For Next Gen Consoles

Square Enix has always been at the forefront when it comes to delivering high-quality action games and recent news has revealed that the company is busy working on a brand new IP for the next-gen consoles.

This is, however, nothing to be surprised about as a lot of developers have shifted their focus towards making games for the new generation of consoles but what stood out from this report was this small little line which reads, “next-generation action game experience that goes beyond the framework of existing action games”.


Now, this can be interpreted in many ways but if you are being as optimistic as I am, then you too would be very excited about the fact that Square Enix might bring something mind-blowing to the public.

Square Enix is developing the Final Fantasy VII Remake and if they can produce something similar to the same line then it would certainly be an excellent endeavor for everyone.

As of right now, the project certainly must be early in development so that means that we will probably not get to see or hear much about it for a few months.


As always we will keep updating and reporting about this new IP as and when new information is surfaced, until then check out other news, guides, and reviews on GamerTweak.