FIFA 22 Squad Battles Glitch – How To Get Free Rewards?

Read this guide to learn how you can get free rewards from the FIFA 22 Squad Battles Glitch.

Players on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team have recently come across a recurring glitch in the Squad Battles which gives insane rewards for free. Basically, the bug results in the AI in FUT failing to defend after going a goal down.This glitch has been a part of previous versions of the game as well, lending a bizarre similarity to players who took advantage of it in the past too. With the glitch still existing in the game, we will show you how to get free rewards from it in this guide. With that being said, we do not recommend using this method to get free rewards. However, the choice is yours.

How to Use FIFA 22 Squad Battles Glitch & Get Rewards?


In order to get free rewards from the FUT Squad Battles glitch in FIFA 22, you first need to pick the World Class difficulty the next time you play. After doing so, you need to give your best and ensure you score at least one goal in the offline match.

Upon scoring the said goal, you need to take the ball towards any corner of the pitch. Now, simply use the Ball Roll skill move in order to stop your rivals from pressing. Doing so will not let the game’s AI retaliate and score in reply to your goal. This will obviously result in a win for your team. Winning will then give you rewards for absolutely free.

So there you have it. With these easy steps, you will find yourself bagging insane prizes for free with the Squad Battles glitch in Ultimate Team. Let us now check the rewards you can get with the error.

Squad Battle Free Rewards

  • Elite Rank 1
  • 30,000 Coins
  • 2 x Rare Mega Packs.

Players using the glitch claim that doing so is the easiest way to achieve the coveted Elite Rank 1 in FUT. This obviously results in the rewards mentioned above. And that’s all you need to know about the highly-rewarding Squad Battles glitch in FIFA 22.

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