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One Of The Most Awaited Time Management Game – SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off, Is out now!

Your favorite cartoon character is in a mobile game now

Children’s favorite cartoon, Nickelodeon’s Spongebob Squarepants makes an appearance on your mobile devices with the newest game installment – SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off. This swift-paced time management cook-off game had garnered over 15 million pre-registrations. And on May 12th the game finally kicked off on the Android Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Features of the SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-off

You play as the fan-favorite character, Spongebob Squarepants as a cook at Krusty Krabs Restaurant. The whole game is based underwater, comprising of characters that are basically different kinds of underwater sea creatures. Your role as Spongebob is to cook up delicious Kraby patties for hamburgers, serve them up to the customers, and interact with your fellow workers and customers.


Patrick (Spongebob’s best friend), Squidward (Spongebob’s neighbor, and cashier at Krusty Krabs ), Mr. Krabs (the owner of Krusty Krabs) and Sandy (An inventor and Spongebob’s friend) are your jolly-old fellow members of this crew. As you progress in the game, you unlock new locations and characters, all of which are part of the original show. You can customize your characters and cook-up new delicious recipes to earn extra points. The game is equally mouth-watering as it is nostalgic, it takes you on a culinary joy-ride to the underwater town of Bikini Bottom.

Apart from the mobile game Krusty Cook-off, a Spongebob PvP game is set to release in June 2020 on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows. SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated developed by Epic Game’s Unreal Engine.

SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-off

  • Price: Free to Play
  • Genre: Cooking Simulation
  • Release date: 12th May
  • Publisher: Tilting Point
  • Developers: Tilting Point, Nukebox
  • License: Nickelodeon
  • Platforms: Android, iOS