Splitgate Matchmaking Not Working [2022]

All you need to know about Splitgate 'Unable to join matchmaking' error.

Players are getting the Splitgate Matchmaking Not Working issue due to which you won’t be able to join games and play. If you are also facing issues where invites are not working or the matchmaking screen is blank, here’s what you need to know about the fix.

How to Fix Splitgate Matchmaking Not Working Issue?

Splitgate is growing in popularity quite exponentially which is why the servers are getting overloaded. Due to the huge volume of players flocking to play the game, you are getting the Splitgate Matchmaking screen is blank error. You could even get the visual bug but don’t worry, the developers are aware and working on server improvements. Once the server issues are fixed, you won’t get the ‘Unable to join matchmaking’ error where you can’t invite friends or start a match.

Splitgate Invite and Matchmaking Not Working Fix

It’s a small indie dev team with 4 engineers. But they have received over 500k downloads ever since the beta released. It’s a huge jump which is why server optimization work is being done right now. Some players have waited for more than an hour trying to get into a match while some have restarted the game to fix this problem. But the issue is server-side and there is nothing you can do. You can keep an eye on Splitgate’s official twitter account to get all the latest updates related to matchmaking not working issue or anything else.

The skyrocketing popularity of Splitgate has led to the game breaking its own records of concurrent players which is awesome. So, until the devs fix and improve the server capacity, all players can do is wait.

About Splitgate

This free-to-play game is inspired by Halo and Portal and it’s all about sci-fi combat. The Portals give this game a unique tactical team-based shooter format. There is also crossplay between PC, Xbox and PlayStation users which is an important feature in games nowadays.

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