How to Unlock Spirited Canteen Ticket In Monster Hunter World

To unlock new pair of strange weapons from Monster Hunter World Iceborne Sizzling Spice Fest you will need some tickets, and here is how to get them?

During Sizzling Spice Fest in MHW Iceborne, you will be unlocking new armor sets and weapons. Only after fulfilling the requirements, one of them is finding Spirited Canteen Ticket. Sizzling Spice Fest is unique in its kind bringing colorful armors and cosmetics. You can also unlock Dual Blade during the event and lot more. But here we will focus more on MHW Spirited Canteen Ticket.

What is Spirited Canteen Ticket?

Spirited Canteen Ticket is one of the key ingredients to craft Strong Ale, a Master Rank Dual Blade weapon in MHW Iceborne. It is unlocked during Seliana’s Sizzling Spice Fest and I am going to share step by step instruction on how to do that. Before we proceed here is Strong Ale Crafting Recipe:

  • One Spirited Canteen Ticket
  • Two Tigrex Hardfang
  • Three Tigrex Corte
  • Five Monster Slogbone

With Spirited Canteen Ticket and other items, you can craft the Strong Ale, and you can upgrade it to level 2 Master Ale. Here is Master Ale Crafting Recipe:

  • One Spirited Canteen Ticket
  • Three Ultraplegia Sacs
  • Three Torpor sacs
  • Conqueror’s Seal

How to find Spirited Canteen Ticket in MHW Iceborn?

Players with Master Rank 9 can only play the Seeing is Believing mission of Sizzling Spice Fest. The challenge is to hunt down a monster, just follow the marker after unlocking the objective and you will fight a TigreX.

How to defeat TigreX?

TigreX is a Flying Wyvern type monster, it is immune to Fire and comes with highly powerful attacks. Also the monster is weak against Thunder and becomes slow after getting tired from powerful attacks.

The only thing you have to remember is to stay away from the power charges attack. Wait for the monster to slow down and use melee weapons to break the body. Defeating TigreX guarantees one Spirited Canteen Ticket drop. Sometimes if you are lucky you will get two of them. Passion Armor amplifies the chances of getting more ticket drops.

After getting the ticket go to Smithy and craft Strong Ale. You can play common objectives and get more tickets to upgrade Strong Ale to Master Ale.

For Master Ale the items are dropped by Viper Tobi-Kadachi, Great Girros Nightshade Paolumu and Radobaan.