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Special Move Tutor Locations in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield have tons of Pokemon and with it comes to their special moves, but there are NPCs that grant you a special move that you cannot learn anywhere else. This guide will show where to find special move tutor locations in Pokemon and Shield.

Special Move Tutor Locations in Pokemon Sword & Shield


These NPC’s let you learn a new move which is often more powerful when compared, these NPC’s can teach both your starter Pokemon and Dragon-type Pokemon.

You will first need to Special Move Tutors in Pokemon and Shield, there a total of three locations that you need to explore to find these NPCs.

You have to first get Hammerlocke and then take a left from the entrance into the city. Go towards the wooden bridge and then cross it, you will see another gateway.


Take the way which leans towards the left and down. You will find the tutor at the bottom of the stone stairway. This NPC can teach a bunch of special moves to your Pokemon like Grass Pledge, Fire Pledge, or Water Pledge to your Starter Pokemon.

You will need a high-level friendship with your Pokemon but if you have that, it doesn’t matter what level your Pokemon is currently at.

The second tutor can be found in Circhester, take a flying taxi and then as soon as you get off, go up towards the path that you can see, take a right after that.


You will need to find Circhester Bath, find it and go inside. Talk to the guy in the Pink vest which should look like the first tutor’s clothing.

This tutor can your Dragon-type Pokemon move like the Draco Meteor, which is actually the most powerful move a Dragon-type Pokemon can have.

The only requirement there is that you will need maximum level friendship with your Pokemon to learn this special move. So make sure that the bond between you and your Pokemon is at max.


The last tutor can be found in Wyndon. You have to find your way to the park and once you get there to find the second entrance to this park. Inside you will find the tutor on a small Pokemon pitch.

This tutor can teach moves like Blast Burn, Frenzy Plant and Hydro Cannon to your Starter Pokemon, but you will need to evolve them to their last stage.

This is basically all there is to know about how and where to find the Special moves NPC in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Check our other Pokemon Sword and Shield Tricks and Tips only on Gamer Tweak.