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How To Spawn A Helicopter In GTA V

Need to spawn a helicopter in GTA V? This is the guide for you.

A lot of your time in GTA will be spent in getting from one place to another. And going on foot is simply not an option. The vehicle that you choose to use will determine how fast you get there. One of the best (and kind of) safe ways to do this is through a helicopter. Through your chopper, you can get to the place you need to be and skydive down like Tom Cruise. Do all this and more with the helicopter that you will spawn in GTA V – here’s how to do it.


How to Spawn a Helicopter in GTA V for PC, Xbox One and PS4

How To Spawn A Helicopter In Gta V

Players will need to use cheat codes to spawn a Buzzard helicopter to your location. Here are the codes to spawn a Helicopter in GTA 5:

  • PS3 / PS4: O, O, L1, O, O, O, L1, L2, R1, Triangle, O, Triangle
  • Xbox One / Xbox 360: B, B, LB, B,B,B,LB, LT, RB, Y, B, Y
  • Cell Phone: 1-999-289-9633

If you’re playing on PC then you will need to get access to the console. To do this, all that you need to do is press the “~” key on your keyboard as you play the game to activate it. And that’s all you have to do – with these codes, you will be able to spawn a Buzzard helicopter in GTA.


In our opinion, the Buzzard is the best helicopter. This chopper is extremely agile in addition to being fast in the sky. What’s more, is that you can use its weaponry to rain hell on your opponents and unassuming NPCs. Not only that but the Buzzard is also able to carry you without any problem for at least thirty seconds before it explodes when being shot at. This will give you enough time to run as you escape the firing of your life.

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