How To Get The Spaceship Model In Returnal

Convert your dash in to an attack with the Spaceship Model in Returnal

Having additional resources and buffs in Returnal is vital. Survival in this rogue-like game can be intense and a little push can make your character go a long way. Every resource that you find in the game is designed to give your character a little push here and an important buff there. The Spaceship Model artifact is one of those items that will prove to be that helping hand during a fight. In this guide, we tell you how to get the Spaceship Model in Returnal and how to use it.

How to get the Spaceship Model in Returnal?

Fabricator Returnal Spaceship Model

You can get the Spaceship Model by rummaging through chests. These chests are available in every biome in random locations which the player can come across while exploring. You can also buy them from the Fabricators. Fabricator stations also have a random spawn mechanism in the game. They too need some exploring on the player’s end in every biome to find them. The players can also get it as a random reward from using a Reclaimer.

How to Use this Artifact?

The Spaceship Model will turn your plain dash into an attack. Once equipped, you can dash into your enemies, and that will deal a considerable amount of damage to them. Any kind of melee attack will be more powerful will be more effective with the Spaceship Model.

Spaceship Model is a nonpermanent artifact that will be wiped off your inventory if you die during the run. So we suggest you do not save it for later and equip it as soon as you get it.

So that is all for our guide on Spaceship Model Artifact in Returnal, how to get it, and its functions. If you would like to know How To Use Cheats In Returnal, do check out our guide on that too.