Genshin Impact Sound of Discord Quest: Where To Find Suspicious Person With Package

Here's a quick guide on where to look Suspicious person with a package.

Sound Of Discord is a new quest added in Act III Realm of Fog and Wind in the new Genshin Impact Update Windblume Festival, which tasks players to find a suspicious person with a package in Mondstadt.

There are thousands of Genshin Impact players who have been having trouble finding the suspicious person in Genshin Impact and if that’s you then look no further as we have a guide covering the same in the simplest way possible.

Genshin Impact: Where To Find A Suspicious Person With A Package?

The only reason why players are finding it hard to locate the suspicious person is the developer has not marked their location on the map. Before we show you how to find a suspicious man in Genshin Impact, let me tell you that the man does not have anything like a package in his hand.

Finding the suspicious man is straightforward. What all you need to do is head over to Mondstadt and meet Vile, who will give you a code that is used to recognize treasure hunters. Once you have obtained that secret code, you will have to approach the suspicious man with a package, who you will find by heading to the fountain in the Plaza.

Sound Of Discord Quest
Source: Gosunoob

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Notably, you will have to pretend and make him believe that you too are a treasure hoarder. When you get to the location, head toward the gate and there you will find the suspicious man near the stairs. You will have to approach him and start a conversation.

You will have to keep talking to him until he believes that you are one of them. When this happens, you will have to reveal your identity. When you do this, the Knights of Favonius will take the man away. During the conversation, he mentioned that you will be going to Windrise. Yes, you will have to head over to Windrise now.

That’s all you need to know about how and where to find a suspicious man with a package in Genshin Impact. While you are here, you may also like to read about where to get the Crown of Insight and how to avoid all the Bubbles in Great Bubble Crash in Genshin Impact.