Soulworker Characters Ranked From Best To Worst

Want to check which characters are the best in Soulworker? Check the entire tier list right here

Soulworker tier list shows us the strongest and the weakest characters in the MMO game. These characters are ranked according to their strengths, weaknesses, and how easy it is in the game to play with them. The game’s story follows these special groups of children who get lost in the void and then return 15 years later with supernatural powers. If you wish to know which of these characters are best to pick, you’ve come to the right place.

Soulworker Tier List All Characters Ranked

soulworker tier list

S Tier Character List

The S Tier character is only Erwin as of right now in the game due to his supreme confidence and high damages. Erwin uses his charms to spin his admirers and uses his former TV star personality to great effect.

  • Erwin Arclight

A Tier Character List

A Tier characters are almost as good as S Tier characters but just a bit of a challenge when you play as them. While their attacks and defenses might not be the best in the game, they offer a ton of versatility when it comes to playing. Both Ephnel and Chii are two of the best characters that you can get.

  • Ephnel Bombingspear
  • Chii Aruel

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B Tier Character List 

This tier contains characters that are right in the middle, they do not stand out with their attacks or abilities but will help you to get the job done somehow. Using these characters will surely take a lot more effort when compared to others.

  • Iris Yuma
  • Jin Seipatsu
  • Haru Estia

C Tier Character List

A character that you will be struggling with if you decide to that it, while the attacks can be high, there’s a balancing issue that causes many problems when you cannot heal midst battle.

  • Lilly Bloommerchen

D Tier Character List

It is best if you just do not pick any characters from this tier list as they need most rework of all, nothing stands out apart from how weak it feels to play as Stella. While her attacks look promising, they don’t do much to help in battles.

  • Stella Unibell

This is the entire Soulworker Tier List, check out these characters in their order, S being the strongest character and it descends until you get to the D Tier.

This list will help you to understand which characters to pick and avoid and depending on that you can form your own gameplay strategy carry on.

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