How To Get Soul Speed Enchantment In Minecraft & Uses

Soul Speed is an enchantment in Minecraft allowing you to get up to 27% more speed and here is every detail on the enchantment.

Minecraft Nether update added many new items and enchantments in the game. Soul Speed is one among them but it can be tricky to understand how it works. To help you this article has a simple explanation of how souls speed works in Minecraft. What are the enchantments under this category offers and how to get them.

What is Soul Speed in Minecraft?

Soul Speed is an enchantment in Minecraft. It increases players’ speed when walking on Soul Sand or Soul Oil. Players can obtain Souls Speed via bartering with Piglins for enchanted boots and iron boots. Both come with an random level of Soul Speed. Piglins also drop golden boots enchanted with Soul Speed, so if you find one kill it. Both Enchantment Books and Golden Boots can be found inside the chest in bastion remnant castle. Soul Speed cannot be obtained from an enchanting table because it is an treasure enchantment. Also, you cannot treasure enchantment from trading.

What Does Soul Speed Do?

Soul Speed will increase a player’s speed while walking on Soul Sand and Soul Oil. If you want to calculate how much speed you can get then use the following formula.

  • 0.9 + Soul Speed Level * 0.125

In simple words to find out the Soul Speed you will have to multiple the Soul Speed Level by 0.125 and then add 0.9 to the same. The results of the speed boost you will get on this treasure enchantment in Minecraft. For example, if you have boots with Soul Speed Level 1 then you can get around 2.5% faster speed. Level 2 unlocks 15% and Level 3 can increase speed up to 27%. With Un-breaking enchanting you can boost the boots durability by 4%.

You can enjoy a high speed boost using Soul Speed in Minecraft, and improve your game. With more enchantments like Unbreaking and Mending you can reduce the speed degradation. That’s how Speed Soul works in Minecraft.