Soul Knight Codes (December 2023) – Get All The Gifts!

Here's an updated list of Soul Knight gift codes and free gems.

Soul Knight is a video game that challenges its players to explore dungeons full of deadly enemies. It is said to be inspired by Enter the Gungeon. The game might challenge you to explore the darkest depths of a dungeon but it also provides you with hundreds of weapons to kill the monsters that you meet along the way.

Only a few people are aware of an extra menu in the game to enter Soul Knight codes. Yes, these Soul Knight codes can get you a lot of gems. With the help of in-game currency, you can also get new classes and level up the ones that you already have, buy pets, guns, and a lot more things.

Last checked for new codes on November 30, 2023.

Soul Knight Gift Codes – December 2023

There are all the new Soul Knight Codes:

  • SKback2023 – Redeem Code for free Rewards
  • 3QPlayer – Redeem Code for free Rewards
  • MIAO – Redeem Code for x555 Gems
  • QDKYS – Redeem Code for x577 Gems
  • DRUID – Redeem Code for x999 Gems
  • 100000 – Redeem Code for x500 Gems
  • SKGIFT – Redeem Code for x500 Gems
  • SKBACK – Redeem Code for x999 Gems
  • TDY8E – Redeem Code for x888 Gems
  • TDY8ET – Redeem Code for x888 Gems
  • SKNIGHT – Redeem Code for x488 Gems
  • JINKELA – Redeem Code for x3 Fertilizer
  • BYETIGER – Redeem Code for x777 Gems
  • NEWHALL – Redeem Code for x999 Gems
  • DUOSHOU – Redeem Code for x500 Gems
  • MIAOMIAO520 – Redeem Code for x555 Gems
  • FLOWERS – Redeem Code for x5 Heptacolor Viola
  • IMJINKELAGARDEN – Redeem Code for x1 Fertilizer
  • IROBOT – Redeem Code for x515 Gems, x5 Battery, & x5 Parts
  • SUPER5 – Redeem Code for x555 Gems, & x3 Free Trial Voucher
  • WEAPONS – Redeem Code for Vine x1, Green Onions x1, Carrot x1
  • WIERD – Redeem Code for x888 Gems, x1 Ironstone x1, & x1 Timber
  • WISH – Redeem Code for x500 Gems, Heptacolor Viola x1, Fertilizer x1
  • 1TDY8ETOWFUABO2LMJINKELAGARDEN7 – Redeem Code for x777 Gems
  • BIGMOUTH – Redeem Code for x500 Gems, x1 Titan Arum x1, & x1 Fertilizer
  • GARDEN – Redeem Code for x1 Oak Tree, x1 Ironwood, x1 Gear Flower, & x1 Trumpet Flower

For the uninformed, Soul Knight codes are divided into two categories. Some codes work unconditionally, but some require you to change the date on your phone with Android to 1 May 2017. Otherwise, it would not work.

If you are looking for our advice, we recommend you check your smartphone setting and use the said date, then launch the game and click on the ‘Cogwheel’ symbol at the bottom left. There are multiple sections in the setting menu; you must find the button with the  ‘’lock’’ symbol. Head over to this button and start entering the following bonus passwords:

Expired Codes

The following list of bonus passwords asks you to set the date on your smartphone to May 1, 2017. But still, most of them don’t work anymore. So it is best to consider them as expired codes.

  • 18NTD – Redeem for x1010 gems
  • 18NTDRO – Redeem for x1010 gems
  • 19NEWYEAR – Redeem for x999 Gems
  • 2THANIV – Redeem for x1000 Gems
  • 3HA1S – Redeem for x1000 Gems
  • 51KUAILE – Redeem for x1000 gems
  • 6KKNTQE – Redeem for x1000 gems
  • 70YEARS – Redeem for x777 Gems
  • CGDTH – Redeem for x700 Gems
  • DCDYX – Redeem for x333 gems
  • DESTLAD – Redeem for x1111 gems
  • DXGTM – Redeem for x600 gems
  • DZBKQ – Redeem for x888 gems
  • EN3FKZ – Redeem for Ironstone x5, Timber x5, 1888 Gems
  • EN3FKZGET – Redeem for x5 Ironstone, x5 Timber, x1888 Gems
  • F9Z3HA1SUN – Redeem for x1000 Gems
  • FRBK1 – Redeem for x666 Gems
  • GDX6K – Redeem for x888 gems
  • GDX6KK – Redeem for x888 gems
  • GOSDA – Redeem for x666 gems
  • GOSDAD – Redeem for x666 gems
  • HMBSJ – Redeem for x369 gems
  • IMOBSESSIONT – Redeem for x1888 Gems
  • KLWYX – Redeem for x666 gems
  • KNTQE – Redeem for x1000 gems
  • LBLGYB – Redeem for x1000 gems
  • LTZJR – Redeem for x666 gems
  • LWYXZYBGX – Redeem for x800 Gems
  • NDAYSK – Redeem for x800 gems
  • NERD7Z – Redeem for Ironstone x3, Timber x3, 1288 Gems
  • OBSESSION – Redeem for x1888 Gems
  • ROMMO – Redeem for x800 gems
  • ROMMOGDX6KKNTQE19 – Redeem for x888 Gems
  • NEWYEAR2THANIVFRBK – Redeem for x888 Gems
  • SFESTIV – Redeem for x888 gems
  • SFXMAS2017 – Redeem for x666 gems
  • SIONT74SCJ – Redeem for x600 Gems
  • SQSHBB – Redeem for x500 gems
  • SUNFORGET – Redeem for x1111 Gems
  • T74SC – Redeem for x600 Gems
  • UNFORGET – Redeem for x1111 Gems
  • VDAYKLE – Redeem for x600 gems
  • WILLBE – Redeem for x888 Gems
  • WILLBEBYE – Redeem for x888 Gems
  • XMAS2017 – Redeem for x666 gems
  • XNYDJ – Redeem for x500 gems
  • ZIJIREN – Redeem for x666 gems
  • ZSDHM – Redeem for x500 gems
  • ZSDHMK – Redeem for x500 gems
  • ZYBGX – Redeem for x800 gems

How to Redeem Codes In Soul Knight?

Redeeming codes in Soul Knight is too simple. What all you need to do is to change a date on phone with Android to 1 May 2017. Once selected, search for the Settings icon and tap on it. Clicking on the Settings Icon will bring multiple sections. You will have to tap on the section which has ‘Gift Code Input’ written over it and enter any of the above mentioned active Soul Knight code.

That’s everything you need to know about Soul Knight codes. For more codes, search the name of the game in our search bar or check out our guides.