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How Sorcerer Enchantment System Works In Diablo 4 (Unlock Slots)

Here is what you should know about the Sorcerer Enchantment System in Diablo IV.

Diablo 4 has a well-made Enchantment System for the Sorcerer class. Most skills that they can use happen to have an enchantment effect. It could be things like stacking damage or casting a spell after some duration. So you can see the reason why you should make use of this system in your build. So here is how you can unlock and use Enchantment slots in Diablo 4.

How the Sorcerer Enchantment System Works in Diablo 4

how to unlock and use sorcerer enchantment slots in diablo 4

The Enchantment system allows you to unlock 2 slots, that let you use the enchantment effects of your skills. You need to complete a quest for each slot, the first is available at level 15 and the other at level 30. Once unlocked, you can then add your skills to them. As mentioned above, each skill has an Enchantment effect, these then work like a passive.

Thus with the help of the Enchantment system, you can do additional damage, use the effect of some other elemental skill, or cast a spell. This is decided by the Enchantment effect of the skill that you add here.

How to Unlock Sorcerer Enchantment Slot in Diablo 4

You need to complete the “Legacy of the Magi” quest for Sorcerer after you reach level 15 in the game. During this quest, you will have to talk to Mordarin and retrieve the Forgotten Codex for him from a dungeon. Take the book back to Mordarin after you are done with the dungeon. While Mordarin tries to use the Codex, he ends up summoning demons. Eliminate them all and you will get your first Enchantment slot.

Similarly, finish the quest you get at level 30 to unlock your second Enchantment slot.

How to Use Enchantment Slots

  1. Open your Skill Tree.
  2. Next, bring up the Skill Assignment tab.
  3. Here, assign the skill of your choice to the Enchantment slot. Do note that you cannot assign an ultimate here.

Based on the skill that you assign, its enchantment effect will automatically get triggered and used passively. You can find the Enchantment effect of each skill in the skill tree. For example, the Enchantment effect of Hydra is after you spend 300 Mana, a 5-headed Hydra spawns for 5 seconds.

That covers this guide on how the Sorcerer Enchantment system works in Diablo 4, and how to unlock and use its slots. If you found this guide helpful then also check our other Diablo 4 guides.