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Where to find Sorana Back Bling Location in Fortnite

The Sorana skin in Fortnite Chapter 2 is amazing, it looks pretty cool and has a ton of accessories for it. This guide will show you where to find the Sorana’s back bling in Fortnite Chapter 2.

Fortnite Sorana Back Bling Location


After you have completed the F-O-R-T-N-I-T-E letter challenge you get to unlock the secret Sorana skin, there are other accessories to this skins which you can further unlock but for that, you will need the Chaos Rising loading screen. The back bling is one such accessory.

Keep in mind that you need to equip Sorana’s skin before going on this journey.

If you have already found Sorana’s pickaxe location, then you got close to finding the back bling. You have to find the intersecting point between G1, G2, H1, and H2.


This location is just above Steamy Stacks, once you get there all you have to do is find your way to the beach. You will find three rocks there. There you will find a bath lying in the midst of these rocks.

The back bling will be found here, only if you have the Sorana skin equipped, you will be able to see the Sorana back bling item.

All you need to do is interact with it and it will be stored in your collection, which you can use later.


This is all there is to know about how to unlock Sorana’s back blind in Fortnite, make sure that you check out other Fortnite Chapter 2 guides as well.

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