Sony Takes Over the London Underground Station for UK PS5 Launch

The PS5 will hit UK stores tomorrow. In London, the launch will be celebrated with a special campaign that can be seen at Oxford Circus station.

Sony has teamed up with the operators of the London Underground in the wake of tomorrow’s PS5 release. The result is an advertising campaign that the local population is unlikely to miss despite the lockdown.

In the course of the action, several subway logo signs were converted into the PlayStation symbols and some stations were renamed after PS5 games. As a reference to Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Mile End is temporarily called Miles End, Lancaster Gate is called Ratchet and Clank-aster Gate, Seven Sisters has been renamed Gran Turismo 7 Sisters and West Ham Station is now called Horizon: Forbidden West Ham.

In addition, the outer roundel of the Oxford Circus station has been fundamentally redesigned. But also in the interiors of several other London stops on the Bakerloo, Victoria, and Central lines, decorations based on PlayStation are attached.

The PlayStation icons seen in the tweet below were placed under cover of darkness on Tuesday and will only be visible for 48 hours before being dismantled and brought to the permanent display at Sony’s London headquarters. SIE Europe offices are just minutes away from the marketing stunt.

The signs were designed, manufactured and installed by Isle of Wight-based company AJ Wells and Sons. The company is responsible for much of the signage on the London Underground.

As mentioned at the beginning, the whole thing is being organized to celebrate the launch of the PlayStation 5 tomorrow, which will reach the European audiences on November 19, 2020, following the console’s release in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea.