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Sony is “Really Positive” of the PS5’s Success for At Least the Next 5-7 Years

In a recent interview, the Sony PlayStation boss Jim Ryan admitted that cloud gaming will play an increasingly important role in the coming years. Despite everything, he firmly believes the PS5 will be a success.


In the days after the PS5 was launched, and Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, unsurprisingly became a sought-after conversationalist. After Ryan recently pointed out that every available console could be brought to the man or woman for the launch of the PS5, a recent interview with GQ also focused on the future prospects of the PlayStation 5.

According to his own statements, Ryan assumes that the PS5 will hold its own in the long term and celebrate corresponding successes.

“It seems that I’ve spent most of my life at PlayStation listening to people tell me that this generation is going to be the last one because something else is going to make the console model redundant,” Ryan said. “I’m sure these people are really wise and really intelligent but to date they haven’t been correct.”

“Since we’ve got serious about talking to the world about PS5 it just makes me really positive about the future that awaits over the course of the next five, six, seven years and after that, who knows? I think the cloud will probably become more important over the course of the next few years, even though there are still business model and technology challenges. As that happens we’re continuing our studies and our investment and looking at this very carefully, Ryan concluded.

The PS5 is available now globally.