PS5 Will Have Drastic Improvements Over The PS4

Sony has confirmed that they will not be attending this year’s E3 and that is a shame because recently at their Corporate Strategy Meeting, they unveiled the true speed of the PS5 and that is breathtaking.

Sony has identified two words going forward with their console and they are “immersive” and “seamless,”, which seem to be right on point as the video below will testify that the PS5 will be much better than the current gen console.

The PS5 will have an SSD in place and it will help in reducing the loading times in their game as you can see in the video above.

Sony is yet adamant that they have plenty of features yet to unveil but still haven’t given a release date of the console or the exact price range, seeing how they are omitting E3 this year. We can be certain that the console won’t be announced during that event, rather a bit later in the future.

The above video shows how significantly faster the PS5 is when compared to the PS4, along with this, the new console will be backward compatible.

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Also during the event, Sony announced that the PS4 is close to reaching 100 million units and that they will probably reach the target by this year’s end.

As of now, the total number of PS4 units sold stands at 96.8 million with around 94 million active users every month.