Sony PS5 Reveal Announced Demon Souls

Monsters, Monsters and More Monsters

Finally, Demon Souls Remake announced at Sony PS5 Future of Gaming Event. The new trailer takes us deeper into the mysterious dark world of monsters and knights. It is amazing to see what can be done with Dark Souls, a franchise pending from quite a long time. If you had not seen the trailer then hit the play button below.

Demon Souls was the first release in the year 2009 on PS3. It’s more than a decade the game was lost in rumors. Big names came up including Spider-Man Miles Morales, and a lot more. Want to know about PS5 every game launch then hit the link.

Demon Souls not confusing it with Dark Souls is an important game. Dark Souls had influenced us for years, but it is inaccurate to neglect the game mechanism of Demon Souls. Following a similar mechanics or base Demon Souls takes you to the world of creepiest monster you can imagine.

Be there a dragon, dead soldiers with swords, magicians, or mammoth monster there is still more to see. The final one at the end of the video comes straight out of Pacific Rim with an opening inspired from Attack of Titans, the game looks amazing on PS5.