Sony is Permanently Banning PS5 Owners for Selling Access to PS Plus Collection

Games from the PS Plus Collection can be downloaded to the new console of Sony PS5 via a small detour. After the first players wanted to earn money with it, Sony responded according to current reports by permanently banning owners of the new console.

Sony is making the switch to the PS5 mouth-watering with the so-called PS Plus Collection. It includes 20 games that PlayStation Plus members can download to the new console at no additional cost.

However, the games are not tied to the console and can also be downloaded to a PS4 if they were previously used on the PS5. Of course, this requires a PlayStation 5, which not everyone has.

Building on this, the first players sensed a more or less lucrative business and offered access to their PS5 for a fee, so that players without a new-gen console are able to bring the PlayStation Plus Collection to their PS4. In Malaysia, where the PS5 is not yet officially available, for example, an owner of a next-gen console charged around $8 to credit all the games in the library to the previously disclosed account of the paying customer.

Some early adopters reportedly found more than 50 customers. However, they did not go undetected by Sony for long. The reaction was immediate: while the “service providers” were given a permanent ban, players who had purchased access to the games in the PS Plus Collection were banned for two months.

As mentioned at the beginning, the PS Plus Collection comprises of 20 games, including many games from Sony’s first-party studios. Examples include Bloodborne, Days Gone, God of War, and The Last of Us Remastered.

The PS4 games from the PlayStation Plus Collection redeemed and played on the PS5 benefit from improved loading times and more stable frame rates. The PS5 Game Boost makes it possible.