Sony Patents New Tournament System for PS5

Sony Interactive Entertainment could also introduce a completely new tournament system for the PS5, as a new patent has since come to light.

Sony patents PS5 Tournament System

Sony Interactive Entertainment seems to want to gradually equip the PlayStation 5 with additional functions. This is also indicated by a new patent that the company recently filed. Accordingly, a complete tournament system for the PS5 could appear that allows players to organize online tournaments.

The patent states the following:

Online tournament integration may allow for tournaments to be held by individuals, developers, and other vendors. Providing online tournament integration may involve simple tools for setting up and running a tournament at the platform level, while providing visibility into specific games. As such, a user may use such tools to set up a small tournament with friends who are casual players, while an event planner may use such tools to run a large tournament with numerous participants, complex rules, and involving even [multiple] game titles.

This should enable users to create small tournaments for friends. However, large-scale tournaments with numerous participants should also be possible, which can also include complex rules and even several games.

The players could put together teams, send out invitations, plan the games, and set several parameters. Among other things, different types of tournaments and much more will be available.

However, it is not yet known if and when Sony Interactive Entertainment will bring the new function to the PlayStation 5. In any case, it would make sense considering that the company has now also invested in eSports tournaments.