Sony Patents AI-Generated Difficulty Levels To Make PS5 Boss Fights Easier

Check out a Sony patent for PS5 that speaks of an AI that through machine learning makes a boss stronger (or weaker) according to your skills.

Sony has released a new patent for an AI that is capable of lowering or increasing the difficulty of a game based on the performance of the PS5 player. For example, it might make a boss stronger if he realizes it’s too easy for you. The idea is that artificial intelligence is able to identify working or non-working methods used to defeat it.

The PS5 AI would then be able to understand if the player is failing in the attempt or if instead, he is skilled enough to require a stronger enemy. Imagine a Demon’s Souls boss who is programmed to run directly to you: hitting him many times with a spell (using the distance) would easily eliminate him; the AI, however, could understand this and push it to avoid the attack by moving in a zig-zag. This is an example of the idea proposed by the patent.

Furthermore, this patent is designed not only to make a PS5 game easier or difficult, but also to increase replayability: if the difficulty of the combat changes according to the player’s performance, one is pushed to replay once again as the opponent and it will not behave the same way.

Furthermore, this PS5 AI would make the games more accessible to the less experienced or to those players with limitations of various kinds. The idea is certainly interesting, but obviously, as always it is only a patent.

Most of these do not have practical implications and, even if this happens, it will take years before we see such an AI in action on PS5 or any other Sony console.