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Sony Wants To Make 10 Million PlayStation 5 Consoles in 2020 – Report

At the launch, the number of PlayStation 5 consoles is expected to be higher than previously expected. Both Nikkei and Bloomberg have reported this, although Sony Interactive Entertainment may still be subject to restrictions.

As it is well known, Sony Interactive Entertainment plans to launch the latest generation of consoles with the PlayStation 5 at the end of the year. However, after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting closure of the factories, the prospect was that the launch of the new console would be quite tight at the start of sales.

Although no official figures were given, Bloomberg had reported in April that up to six million consoles should be delivered by March 2021. In the meantime, the Japanese business magazine Nikkei reports that Sony Interactive Entertainment has increased its production orders to almost nine million units. This is supported by a new Bloomberg report, which in turn speaks of up to ten million units to be produced by the end of 2020.

However, it could happen that Sony Interactive Entertainment will not be able to provide enough units on the dealer shelves. Due to Covid-19, the company remains subject to delivery restrictions. This does not guarantee that Sony Interactive Entertainment will be able to deliver the full batch of consoles produced.

Previously, the console manufacturer had advised the supplier that almost ten million units of the DualSense controller would be required, and these corresponding production orders were also increased with the increased number of PlayStation 5. After all, every PS5 player should be able to get an additional controller if they need it.

Mass production of the PlayStation 5 is also reported to have started in June 2020, with five million units expected to be produced by September. Between October and December, it is hoped that an additional five million units will run off the assembly line.

Now, players who want to buy a PlayStation 5 right at launch can only hope that Sony Interactive Entertainment can actually sell enough consoles to meet at least a large part of the demand. Furthermore, the company has not yet given any concrete figures on the launch contingent. So it is not yet clear whether up to ten million PS5 consoles will actually be available in global trade.

As soon as further information is revealed, we will bring you up to date news on it. In recent news, the PS5 price and a release date was revealed.