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Sony Delays PlayStation 5’s Unveil Scheduled For This Month

The race for next-generation consoles is picking up and the end of this year is certainly going to be an amazing time. Microsoft announced during E3 last year that they would be releasing their console during 2020 and now Sony has officially announced on their website that they would too.

But along with their announcement, they also revealed that they aren’t ready to fully unveil the PlayStation 5. This comes as a surprise as it was reported that Sony would reveal their console this month, but now it looks like it isn’t going to happen.


It is known that just like last year Sony isn’t going to be making an appearance during this year’s E3 again, this decision comes into action because Sony does not want to spend millions on marketing as the sales of PS4 has guaranteed that Sony does not need the glamor of E3.

But with the announcement it looks like the unveil will be pushed to a later date, the price is one of the biggest factors but it looks like Sony will refrain from announcing the price of the PlayStation 5 until after Microsoft’s price announcement about the Xbox Series X.

The PlayStation 5 is rumored to be under the $500 mark but it will be difficult for Sony to meet this as the next generation consoles are massively overpowered and better than the current generation’s consoles.


We will be keeping you updated on the next generation of console, their exact release dates, prices, and hardware specifications.