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Sony Wants To Buy Bluepoint Games – Rumor

Rumor has it on the Internet that Sony has its eye on Bluepoint Games and that both companies are in talks. The deal is said to be closed in the coming year.

Rumors spread on ResetEra may not always have anything to do with reality. But in the present case, it would be a perfectly logical step. A user named MarsipanRumpan would like to have learned from unspecified sources that Sony is currently in takeover talks with the Demon’s Souls Remake developer Bluepoint Games.


According to the user, his sources are familiar with the Bluepoint Games development team. Allegedly the deal between Sony and Bluepoint Games is currently being negotiated. And interestingly, the remake of Demon’s Souls was a final test that Bluepoint was able to pass after the positive reactions from players and the media.

Sony is also said to have been impressed with Bluepoint’s work ethic, so the company has decided to open acquisition talks with the studio. Should the deal go through, Bluepoint Games would like to work on a brand new IP as the team doesn’t want to go down in history as a remake studio.

Sony, however, has the hope that Bluepoint can help other teams with remakes. For example, if Team Asobi decides to do an Ape Escape Remake, Bluepoint would be the studio to step in and show how it’s done.


If the talks go well, the deal could be announced in the coming months. “The deal is being finalized and should be announced shortly, the time period I’ve been given is that it’ll happen before February 28th,” the informant said.

The last Bluepoint Games projects were made for PlayStation consoles anyway. These include Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Gravity Rush Remastered, Shadow of the Colossus, and the remake of Demon’s Souls. This means that the changes would be manageable in the event of a takeover.