Sony Reportedly Looking To Acquire More Development Studios

According to journalist Brad Sams of VGC, Sony would be looking for new development studios to create new IPs. Already from November, there were rumors of an acquisition of Bluepoint Games by the Japanese house but for now, nothing has been formalized yet. However, the creators of Deamon’s Souls Remake would be among the most credible options given the many years of collaboration.

Another studio that could be in Sony’s sights is Lucid Games, fresh from the development of Destruction AllStars, the PS5 exclusive to be released in February this year. According to some rumors, in fact, it would seem that the software house is already working on a new triple-A title to be released on the Japanese console exclusively. For now, we are always talking about rumors, even if an acquisition of this type would be more than coherent given the past between the two companies.

Sams, in one of his podcasts, states that, although Sony is moving to expand its family of internal developers, its rivals, particularly Microsoft, are on another level. Xbox seems to be increasingly aggressive in terms of purchases and, after the big blow with the acquisition of the Zenimax group, we can only expect more and more from the American company.

2021, which coincides with the affirmation of the ninth generation of consoles, could therefore be a crucial year to observe any changes in the balance between the various contenders in the video game market.

Honorable mention to the outsiders of the modern console war, namely Google and Amazon, who would also be looking for new development studios to buy for the creation of unpublished intellectual properties.

The first, despite a shy start of its Stadia streaming platform, managed to gain a slice of the market thanks to the good performance of the dedicated version of Cyberpunk 2077, better than the counterparts dedicated to Sony and Microsoft consoles, also demonstrating to skeptics that cloud gaming already has something to say.

The e-commerce giant with its Amazon Luna, instead, for now, it is betting everything on a subscription full of quality games, thanks also to a partnership with Ubisoft. However, this streaming service is currently only available in the United States but we expect a worldwide launch soon.