Song Of Farca Passwords List: All Codes To Use

Here are all the Passwords or codes you will need in Song of Farca.

Are you an avid player of Song of Farca and looking for the password list in the game? Then don’t worry you are at the right place. Today, we’ll go through all of the passwords/codes and also how to find them in the game. A list of clues & hints to these Passwords can be found further below in the article if you don’t want to take the easy way

All Song of Farca Codes – Full List of Passwords

all song of farca codes

Here is the Password list you will need in Song of Farca:

Password Use this Song of Farca Code in
2317 Sir Derpalot
2015 Privacy is Dead
5319 The Roikonen Progeny – Aker
6135 The Roikonen Progeny – Gyga
1408 Shatze’s Favor – Room 9507
3401 Shatze’s Favor – Room 9603
900 Martyr’s Flesh
4637 Shatze’s Favor – Room 9620
4240 Shatze’s Favor – Roof
3540 It’s Dark In Here
5624 A Way Out – Antlers
4526 A Way Out – Notes
394 Rotten Fruits

Song of Farca Clues & Hints for Password

Here are the clues if you don’t want the passwords right away in Song of Farca:

Song of Farca Password Clue
Sir Derpalot Password to access the tablet Look at the Reflection in Manager’s Office
Privacy is Dead Password to open computer Count the Fins in Jessica’s Flat
The Roikonen Progeny – Aker Password to access the tablet Go to Aker’s Kitchen, and keep the Code Image over Password Panel. Begin from the middle Star and follow the arrow direction
The Roikonen Progeny – Gyga Password of the Bomb Shelter in Farca Catacombs Consider Monday as 1, Tuesday as 2, and so on to get the password of the Farca Catacombs Bomb Shelter
Martyr’s Flesh Password to access storeroom Mirrored flags & clock hands are your clues in the conference room
Shatze’s Favor – Room 9507 Password for Room 9507 Shut down the laser in the room for the password in the El Futuro building
Shatze’s Favor – Room 9603 Password for Room 9603 Calculate numbers x 4 according to the symbols in the El Futuro building
Shatze’s Favor – Room 9620 Password for Room 9620 Find the numbers corresponding to the pictures in the El Futuro building
Shatze’s Favor – Roof Password for Air Ventilation System Look left to find the light string, and count the blue balls on the roof
It’s Dark In Here Password to open safe Begin with 9 when to make route when used on password panel in Old House
A Way Out – Antlers Password in Dressing Room Continue along the path shown by arrows in Old Town Theater
A Way Out – Notes Password to open safe Letters and numbers are connected to the flower position at the Resident Street shop
Rotten Fruits Password to open safe Connect Troll with the Dragon in Joe’s House

That’s everything you need to know about how to get clues to all password list in Song of Farca. For more secrets like this, make sure to check out our Video Games Guides.