How to Solve Electro Compass Puzzle (Lightning Probe) Genshin Impact?

Here is what to do with Lightning Probes?

Lightning Strike Probe or Lightning Probe is a device that is only found in Inazuma. It can detect Electro elements and will move its point in the direction. For example, any enemy or character with Electro can attack the attention of the gadget. This gadget is itself a puzzle, by pointing it in the right direction will reward you with treasure. Here is how to solve the Electro Compass-like puzzle or Lightning Probe Puzzle.

Lightning Probe Puzzle Solution

Lightning Probes are by default pointed towards the center. To change its direction you will need a character with Electro. You can also use Electrogranum to rotate the problem in any direction.

Lightning Probe Genshin Impact

To help you in solving the Genshin Impact Lightning Probe puzzle refer to the above map location. There is a puzzle here, equip an Electro character and walk towards the ocean. If you do not have an Electro character you can scan for purple crystals around. They will charge you up and you can use it to move the Lightning Probe.

Lightning Probe Genshin Impact

Just walk around the device and it will glow. This indicates the device is pointing in the right direction. So just run around the device and it will move. Keep running in the left and right direction until it starts glowing. There will be a pack of three Lightning Probes in an area. Moving them all in the right direction will make a chest appear magically.

An extremely easy way to farm free items and rewards is Genshin Impact. Similar to this there are many puzzles in the new Inazuma region of Genshin Impact. Some of them are extremely tricky to solve. For example, the Araumi Cube Puzzle has really basic yet confusing steps. Another type of puzzle is the Tidal Flat Puzzle, it is hidden behind some clues. You will have to use the Memento Glass to locate hidden locations for solving it.

Puzzles like Tidal Flat have a simple arrangement of numbers. The solution itself is in the same location, arranging the numbers in the right order will reveal the boss and then a chest. Solving various puzzles in Genshin Impact will reward you with a lot of free items, primo-gems, etc. This will be highly useful for crafting purposes.