Destruction AllStars: Can you play solo modes, Mayhem and Gridfall, with Party Friends?

With different modes here is a guide on how you can play it with party friends.

Ever since its launch, Destruction AllStars has taken the world by storm. The game provides an enriching gameplay experience with next-gen console graphics pushing it along. Destruction AllStars brings premium multiplayer car combat onto a whole new level. It includes multiple characters, the AllStars, and their glorious signature vehicles. Amongst the roaring of the engines, there are a host of game modes you can play.

Mayhem and Gridplay are two prominent modes that are available in single-player mode. However, is there any method to play these modes with your friends online?

Can you play solo Mayhem and Gridfall with Party Friends?

Destruction Allstars: Party Mode

Destruction AllStars features some pretty brilliant game modes. They allow users to get involved in various challenges and battles that help to diversify the playing experience. But, can you play Mayhem and Gridfall with your friends?

Well, to be blunt, no. Both these modes, Mayhem and Gridfall are listed as solo modes within the game. That means that you will not be able to play this game with your Party Friends. In these modes, there can only be one champion or one AllStar if you will. This, therefore, negates the possibility of playing with your friends on one team in an 8v8 mode like the other modes present in the game.

We think this has been done so as to stop players from XP farming where players can enter an arena with their friends and ensure only one comes out on top. If you do decide to team up however you can indulge in some crash and smash with your Party Friends in one of the other modes present in the game.

Going ahead, in the future, if Lucid games do decide to launch a private lobby for these modes then it might be possible to play these modes in a multiplayer, co-op mode with your Party Friends. However, as of yet, there isn’t any news about Lucid introducing the same. Until then you can play with your friends in other modes such as Carnado and Stockpile.

This was everything about whether you can play the solo modes of Mayhem and Gridfall in multiplayer mode with your Party Friends online. While you’re here you can even have a look at some tips to get Destruction points and AllStar coins or look at which racer is the fastest in Destruction AllStars.