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SnowRunner Nearly Reaches 1 Million Sales in Three Weeks

SnowRunner 1 Million Sales

Holding company Embracer Group as part of its quarterly report shared information on the success of off-road driving simulator SnowRunner from Saber Interactive studio and Focus Home Interactive publishing house.

In the first three weeks since the release of the game, its sales almost reached 1 million copies. At the same time, the result was almost equally divided among all the main platforms, which include PC (Epic Games Store), PS4, and Xbox One.


In general, the Embracer Group noted the high demand for the premium edition and SnowRunner extensions, and also confirmed that the sales of the game exceeded the expectations of the management of Saber Interactive and Embracer Group.

Also, recently on Youtube appeared one and a half minute trailer published by Focus Home Interactive with incredible reviews from the SnowRunner press.


For example, a GamingTrend employee described the game saying that it’s like Forza Horizon 4 and American Truck Simulator got drunk with each other and has some fun. The video contains quotes from foreign journalists, followed by different subtitles.

Despite the positive reviews (from 80 to 82 points on Metacritic), SnowRunner did not start very well in the UK retail, having not even made it to the top ten in the debut week.

The PC version of SnowRunner is exclusive of Epic Games Store. As a rule, these kinds of exclusives are designed for a year, and then they appear in other places. At the same time, another Saber Interactive project called World War Z did not go beyond the EGS after a one-year period passed.