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What Is Smurfing In Valorant & CS:GO (Explained)

Wondering what does Smurfing means in online games? Here is our guide to make you understand better on what smurfing stands for.

While playing online games like Valorant & CS:GO players can come across many gaming terms that they might not have heard before. These terms are often made familiar across a group of players playing the same game but can also extend and be used in other games too. This list of terms includes Smurfing, Camping, AFK, etc. This guide will explain more about Smurfing and how it is done in many games.

What is Smurfing in Valorant & CS GO?

smurfing in online games

Smurfing or Smurfs in online games are highly skilled players who create another account in-game so that they could match with players ranked lower than them. With this, the Smurfs can dominate the low-ranked players in the game. The term can generally be used for players making alternate accounts in a game.

Smurfing is generally hated in the online gaming community as playing with a high-ranked player can be an unfair matchmaking experience for lower-ranked players. This makes a difference when the games are more competitive and intense like Valorant, Counter-Strike, Call Of Duty, etc. This can create an overall negative gaming experience for a player who might lose interest in playing.

The term was coined by the community when two World of Warcraft players who were too good at the game realized that players would avoid them in-game. After this, they made new accounts to counter the issue. They termed their new usernames as PapaSmurf and Smurfette. The term ‘Smurf’ has since been used by players across different online games to call out other high-rank players in their lobby. Some games like Fortnite have strict actions against smurfing while most of the other games rely on their matchmaking to match their players.

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