Unblocked Games: How To Play At School Or Work

Here's how to play Slither io Unblocked at school or work. is an online multiplayer game where you spawn as a little worm/snake who is just trying to survive in the big, bad world. To grow longer, you must eat the glowing orbs and avoid getting hit or eaten by bigger worms/snakes. Many people want to play this game at school or work where it might have been blocked by the admin. Fear not, here’s how to access and play Unblocked.

How to Play Unblocked?

You can either choose to visit third-party sites that are hosting this game or you can use a VPN to access the original game.

slither io how to play at school or work

Here are the best sites where you can play Unblocked:

  • – Unblocked Games 44 – Google Sites
  • 3 – Slitherio Unblocked PVP Game

slither unblocked games

Simply search the aforementioned lines on Google and you will end up on the sites where you can play this game unblocked. But these are variants of the original game, where the worm/snake doesn’t look exactly the same. If you prefer to play the OG version, here’s how to use VPN for the same.

How to Use VPN at School or Work?

Students and employees can use reliable VPNs to bypass and unblock websites which are blocked by the administrator.

  • First, choose a VPN that offers good service and as you might see, most of them will be paid. But there are quite a few options available for every budget.
  • Once you have selected the VPN, download its app.
  • Open it up, choose a server and connect to it.
  • Now access and it should open without any issues.
  • What a VPN does is that it hides your IP address and can disguise your online activity. Of course, make sure to use it only when you have some free time at school or work.

That’s everything about Unblocked and how to play it. We’ve got more info about unblocked games right here on Gamer Tweak that you might want to check out.