Slay The Spire Tier List – All Characters Ranked

Here is a tier list of all the characters in Slay The Spire ranked from best to worst.

Slay the Spire has various classes of characters that may be hard to manage and play with if you do not know what powers they possess. This is why we have a tier list of all the classes and characters in them ranked from best to worst to help you choose the best characters in the game.

Slay The Spire Tier List

Here are all the tier lists for the Silent, Defect, Ironclad, & Watcher.

The Silent Tier List

Slay The Spier

The silent is the assassin on Slay The Spire and is dependent on traps, poison, etc for combat.

Adrenaline Skill Rare 1 S
After Image Power Rare 1 S
Backflip Skill Common 1 S
Bane Attack Common 1 S
Bouncing Flask Skill Uncommon 2 S
Burst Skill Rare 1 S
Calculated Gamble Skill Uncommon 0 S
Cloak And Dagger Skill Common 1 S
Dash Attack Uncommon 2 S
Deflect Skill Common 0 S
Endless Agony Attack Uncommon 0 S
Envenom Power Rare 2(1) S
Infinite Blades Power Uncommon 1 S
Leg Sweep Skill Uncommon 2 S
Malaise Skill Rare X S
Piercing Wail Skill Common 1 S
Predator Attack Uncommon 2 S
Reflex Skill Uncommon 1 S
Slice Attack Common 0 S
Tools Of The Trade Power Rare 1(0) S
Choke Attack Uncommon 2 A
Dagger Spray Attack Common 1 A
A Thousand Cuts Power Rare 2 A
Accuracy Power Uncommon 1 A
Alchemize Skill Rare 1(0) A
Backstab Attack Uncommon 0 A
Corpse Explosion Skill Rare 2 A
Crippling Cloud Skill Uncommon 2 A
Doppelganger Skill Rare X A
Escape Plan Skill Uncommon 0 A
Finisher Attack Uncommon 1 A
Nightmare Skill Rare 3(2) A
Setup Skill Uncommon 1(0) A
Storm Of Steel Skill Rare 2 A
Sucker Punch Attack Common 1 A
Tactician Skill Uncommon 0 A
Well-Laid Plans Power Uncommon 1 A
Eviscerate Attack Uncommon 3 B
Acrobatics Skill Common 1 B
Blur Skill Uncommon 1 B
Bullet Time Skill Rare 3(2) B
Caltrops Power Uncommon 1 B
Catalyst Skill Uncommon 1 B
Dagger Throw Attack Common 1 B
Die Die Die Attack Rare 1 B
Dodge And Roll Skill Common 1 B
Expertise Skill Uncommon 1 B
Flechettes Attack Uncommon 1 B
Glass Knife Attack Rare 1 B
Grand Finale Attack Rare 0 B
Masterful Stab Attack Uncommon 0 B
Outmaneuver Skill Common 1 B
Poisoned Stab Attack Common 1 B
Riddle With Holes Attack Uncommon 2 B
Skewer Attack Uncommon X B
Terror Skill Uncommon 1(0) B
Footwork Power Uncommon 1 C
All Out Attack Attack Uncommon 1 C
Blade Dance Skill Common 1 C
Concentrate Skill Uncommon 0 C
Deadly Poison Skill Common 1 C
Distraction Skill Uncommon 1(0) C
Flying Knee Attack Common 1 C
Heel Hook Attack Uncommon 1 C
Noxious Fumes Power Uncommon 1 C
Phantasmal Killer Skill Rare 2(1) C
Prepared Skill Common 0 C
Quick Slash Attack Common 1 C
Sneaky Strike Attack Common 2 C
Unload Attack Rare 1 C

The Watcher Tier List

Slay The Spier Tier List

The watcher is a monk that has a unique card generation ability. She is a new character added in Slay The Spire.

Blasphemy Skill Rare 1 S
Cut Through Fate Attack Common 1 S
Establishment Power Rare 1 S
Fasting Power Uncommon 2 S
Foresight Power Uncommon 1 S
Judgment Skill Rare 1 S
Lesson Learned Attack Rare 2 S
Like Water Power Uncommon 1 S
Mental Fortress Power Uncommon 1 S
Nirvana Power Uncommon 1 S
Reach Heaven Attack Uncommon 2 S
Spirit Shield Skill Rare 2 S
Vault Skill Rare 3(2) S
Protect Skill Common 2 A
Bowling Bash Attack Common 1 A
Conclude Attack Uncommon 1 A
Deceive Reality Skill Uncommon 1 A
Devotion Power Rare 1 A
Empty Fist Attack Common 1 A
Empty Mind Skill Uncommon 1 A
Evaluate Skill Common 1 A
Fear No Evil Attack Uncommon 1 A
Flurry of Blows Attack Common 0 A
Flying Sleeves Attack Common 1 A
Halt Skill Common 0 A
Inner Peace Skill Uncommon 1 A
Master Reality Power Rare 1(0) A
Meditate Skill Uncommon 1 A
Omniscience Skill Rare 4(3) A
Ragnarok Attack Rare 3 A
Sands of Time Attack Uncommon 4 A
Sash Whip Attack Common 1 A
Scrawl Skill Rare 1(0) A
Simmering Fury Skill Uncommon 1 A
Talk to the Hand Attack Uncommon 1 A
Tantrum Attack Uncommon 1 A
Third Eye Skill Common 1 A
Windmill Strike Attack Uncommon 2 A
Wish Skill Rare 3 A
Tranquility Skill Common 1(0) B
Battle Hymn Power Uncommon 1 B
Carve Reality Attack Uncommon 1 B
Consecrate Attack Common 0 B
Crescendo Skill Common 1(0) B
Crush Joints Attack Common 1 B
Deus Ex Machina Skill Rare X B
Deva Form Power Rare 3 B
Prostrate Skill Common 0 B
Study Power Uncommon 2(1) B
Swivel Skill Uncommon 2 B
Wallop Attack Uncommon 2 B
Weave Attack Uncommon 0 B
Wheel Kick Attack Uncommon 2 B
Empty Body Skill Common 1 C
Alpha Skill Rare 1 C
Brilliance Attack Rare 1 C
Collect Skill Uncommon X C
Conjure Blade Skill Rare X C
Defend Skill Starter 1 C
Eruption Attack Starter 2(1) C
Follow-Up Attack Common 1 C
Foreign Influence Skill Uncommon 0 C
Indignation Skill Uncommon 1 C
Just Lucky Attack Common 0 C
Perseverance Skill Uncommon 1 C
Pray Skill Uncommon X C
Pressure Points Skill Common 1 C
Rushdown Power Uncommon 1(0) C
Sanctity Skill Uncommon 1 C
Signature Move Attack Uncommon 2 C
Strike Attack Starter 1 C
Vigilance Skill Starter 2 C
Wave of the Hand Skill Uncommon 1 C
Worship Skill Uncommon 2 C
Wreath of Flame Skill Uncommon 1 C

The Defect Tier List


The defect tier list of Slay the spire has a unique style called the Orbs with three slots and uses elemental evocations.

Echo Form Power Rare 3 S
Barrage Attack Common 1 S
Blizzard Attack Uncommon 1 S
Bullseye Attack Uncommon 1 S
Charge Battery Skill Common 1 S
Claw Attack Common 0 S
Consume Skill Uncommon 2 S
Creative AI Power Rare 3(2) S
Darkness Skill Uncommon 1 S
Fission Skill Rare 0 S
FTL Attack Uncommon 0 S
Genetic Algorithm Skill Uncommon 1 S
Go For The Eyes Attack Common 0 S
Hyperbeam Attack Rare 2 S
Loop Power Uncommon 1 S
Melter Attack Uncommon 1 S
Multi-Cast Skill Rare X S
Self Repair Power Uncommon 1 S
Sunder Attack Uncommon 3 S
Echo Form Power Rare 3 A
Barrage Attack Common 1 A
Blizzard Attack Uncommon 1 A
Bullseye Attack Uncommon 1 A
Charge Battery Skill Common 1 A
Claw Attack Common 0 A
Consume Skill Uncommon 2 A
Creative AI Power Rare 3(2) A
Darkness Skill Uncommon 1 A
Fission Skill Rare 0 A
FTL Attack Uncommon 0 A
Genetic Algorithm Skill Uncommon 1 A
Go For The Eyes Attack Common 0 A
Hyperbeam Attack Rare 2 A
Loop Power Uncommon 1 A
Melter Attack Uncommon 1 A
Multi-Cast Skill Rare X A
Self Repair Power Uncommon 1 A
Sunder Attack Uncommon 3 A
Core Surge Attack Rare 1 B
Ball Lightning Attack Uncommon 1 B
Boot Sequence Skill Uncommon 0 B
Buffer Power Rare 2 B
Compile Driver Attack Common 1 B
Double Energy Skill Uncommon 1(0) B
Hello World Power Uncommon 1 B
Leap Skill Common 1 B
Machine Learning Power Rare 1 B
Meteor Strike Attack Rare 5 B
Overclock Skill Uncommon 0 B
Rainbow Skill Rare 2 B
Recycle Skill Uncommon 1(0) B
Reprogram Skill Uncommon 1 B
Scrape Attack Uncommon 1 B
Storm Power Uncommon 1 B
Sweeping Beam Attack Common 1 B
TURBO Skill Common 0 B
Streamline Attack Common 2 C
Aggregate Skill Uncommon 1 C
Amplify Skill Rare 1 C
Auto-Shields Skill Uncommon 1 C
Beam Cell Attack Common 0 C
Chaos Skill Uncommon 1 C
Doom And Gloom Attack Uncommon 2 C
Fusion Skill Uncommon 2(1) C
Reboot Skill Rare 0 C
Rebound Attack Common 1 C
Recursion Skill Common 1(0) C
Rip And Tear Attack Uncommon 1 C
Stack Skill Common 1 C
Static Discharge Power Uncommon 1 C
Steam Barrier Skill Common 0 C
Tempest Skill Uncommon X C
Thunder Strike Attack Rare 3 C

Ironclad Tier List


Ironclad has the highest HP in Slay the Spire and focuses on a strong attack. It has a burning blood relic and strong defense too.

Corruption Power Rare 3 S
Armaments Skill Uncommon 1 S
Battle Trance Skill Uncommon 0 S
Bludgeon Attack Rare 3 S
Burning Pact Skill Uncommon 1 S
Demon Form Power Rare 3 S
Entrench Skill Uncommon 2 S
Exhume Skill Rare 1(0) S
Feel No Pain Power Uncommon 1 S
Flame Barrier Skill Uncommon 2 S
Ghostly Armor Skill Uncommon 1 S
Havoc Skill Common 1(0) S
Reaper Attack Rare 2 S
Second Wind Skill Uncommon 1 S
Seeing Red Skill Uncommon 1(0) S
Sentinel Skill Uncommon 1 S
Shockwave Skill Uncommon 2 S
Spot Weakness Skill Uncommon 1 S
Uppercut Attack Uncommon 2 S
Offering Skill Rare 0 A
Barricade Power Rare 3(2) A
Body Slam Attack Common 1(0) A
Carnage Attack Uncommon 2 A
Clothesline Attack Common 2 A
Disarm Skill Uncommon 1 A
Dropkick Attack Uncommon 1 A
Dual Wield Skill Uncommon 1 A
Heavy Blade Attack Common 2 A
Infernal Blade Skill Uncommon 1(0) A
Intimidate Skill Uncommon 0 A
Perfected Strike Attack Common 2 A
Pommel Strike Attack Common 1 A
Power Through Skill Uncommon 1 A
Pummel Attack Uncommon 1 A
Shrug It Off Skill Common 1 A
Warcry Skill Common 0 A
Fiend Fire Attack Rare 2 B
Blood For Blood Attack Uncommon 4(3) B
Bloodletting Skill Uncommon 0 B
Dark Embrace Power Uncommon 2(1) B
Double Tap Skill Rare 1 B
Evolve Power Uncommon 1 B
Feed Attack Rare 1 B
Immolate Attack Rare 2 B
Impervious Skill Rare 2 B
Inflame Power Uncommon 1 B
Juggernaut Power Rare 2 B
Limit Break Skill Rare 1 B
Metallicize Power Uncommon 1 B
Rampage Attack Uncommon 1 B
Reckless Charge Attack Uncommon 0 B
Sever Soul Attack Uncommon 2 B
Sword Boomerang Attack Common 1 B
True Grit Skill Common 1 B
Whirlwind Attack Uncommon X B
Headbutt Attack Common 1 C
Anger Attack Common 0 C
Berserk Power Rare 0 C
Berserk Power Rare 0 C
Brutality Power Rare 0 C
Clash Attack Common 0 C
Clash Attack Common 0 C
Cleave Attack Common 1 C
Combust Power Uncommon 1 C
Fire Breathing Power Uncommon 1 C
Flex Skill Common 0 C
Hemokinesis Attack Uncommon 1 C
Iron Wave Attack Common 1 C
Rage Skill Uncommon 0 C
Rupture Power Uncommon 1(0) C
Searing Blow Attack Uncommon 2 C
Thunderclap Attack Common 1 C
Twin Strike Attack Common 1 C
Wild Strike Attack Common 1 C

So that is all for our guide on Slay The Spire Tier List. If you would like to know some more tier lists, we have covered some amazing games that you might want to check out.