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Splatoon 3: How To Skip News Intro

You don't have to sit through the news intro in Splatoon 3! Check out how to skip it.

When you are eager to start a new game, the last thing you need is an unskippable cutscene. While they may be entertaining and important to set up a story for the game, they can get a bit under your skin if you are itching to just get into the game. While Splatoon 2 was a really engaging game, the one thing that the players found irritating was the unskippable Off The Hook in-game TV Show. Splatoon 3 paid heed to its fans by allowing the players to skip the intro. Here’s how you can skip the news intro in Splatoon 3.


How to Skip the News Intro in Splatoon 3

Listen to Splatcast in Splatoon 3

Skipping the news intro is fairly simple in Splatoon 3. When the news intro starts, you will see a prompt on the top left side of the screen called ‘Listen to Splatcast’. By simply clicking the L stick, the newscast will move up to the top-left side of the screen. Now you can move around and listen to the news at the same time. You get the freedom to explore Splatsville and queue up for matches while listening to the news.

Deep Cut Splatcast

Splatoon 2 had Pearl and Marina as hosts of the in-game TV Show called Off The Hook. Here, they discussed the ongoing events in Splatsville, rotating maps, and some chitchat between them. While these are important and can be quite handy, the inability to skip them was the reason for its dislike. Splatoon 3 has brand new hosts and a brand new show. Hosted by Shiver, Fyre, and Big Man, Splatoon 3 has its own TV Show called Splatcast with Deep Cut. You will still get map updates and Splatfest news.


The ability to skip the newscast will definitely prolong the life of the ‘A’ button. That’s all you need to know on how to skip the news intro in Splatoon 3. We hope you found this article helpful. For more guides on Splatoon 3 and many other games, check out GamerTweak.