EA’s Skate 3 Mobile Version Rumored

Check out what pro-skater Jason Dill revealed

EA’s 2010 open world free skater, Skate 3 mobile version has been under the radar for quite some time now. Internationally acclaimed professional skater, Jason Dill confirms the above news, stating that EA had approached him for the mobile remake of this game. What passed between them next gave out the confirmation for this release as well as the reason why EA is one of the most successful video game companies in the world.

Sports video games often require professional players to be signed up as official guides and the face for such games, this is what makes these games appealing to people. In an interview with Nine Club’s podcaster Chris Roberts, Jason Dill revealed that the Xbox and Playstation 3’s exclusive, Skate 3 mobile version was in making. He got the news about 10 months ago when Electronic Arts Incorporative (EA) approached him for this remake. It was his reply that has created a buzz in the industry – He not only denied the offer but also gave them a piece of his mind.

Jason in his mail to EA stated that he’d rather play a new Skate 4, than bringing free skaters to mobile. He deemed EA’s idea nonsensical and degrading after a history of gathering an amazing fan base for its original Skate released in 2000, as an answer to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2.

What was EA’s reply to this?

Not surprising enough, EA is determined to make this game, and for good reasons – they do not want to limit the Skate series to purely consoles. There is a huge market out there for mobile games as well, where people are willing to shell out bucks for top games like this.

And so, EA’s mail to Jason outright rejected his suggestion for releasing Skate 4 instead. Jason was sharp enough to reply with tongue in cheek – Wishing them luck for Need for Speed 29, which was a jibe at EA as their 28th installment, Need for Speed: Edge was called off in May 2019.

From this short encounter of Jason Dill with EA, this much is evident that EA is adamant about releasing a mobile version of the popular Skate series, be it in the best interest of other pro-skaters or not. This could be termed as another success story for EA as it serves the gamers, and they alone are what matter.