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How To Get Sizzling Tickets Easily During Sizzling Spice Fest In Monster Hunter World

Sizzling tickets bring new armor sets that can completely change the outlook of the game.

Sizzling tickets are a part of the Sizzling Spice event in Monster Hunter World and it brings the ability to craft new types of rare and legendary armor if you want to know how to earn sizzling tickets you should read this until the end.

How To Earn Sizzling Tickets In Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World brings new and exciting elements to the game with every update, you will find that the Sizzling Spices event brought over Sizzling tickets that give the players a chance to get their hands on armor, furniture and other decorations.

You should also check out more about the Sizzling Spice Festival that is taking Monster Hunter World up by a storm.

You should keep in mind that the event is going to run until August 6, so if you haven’t already gotten in the game, do so before you run out of time.

Sizzling tickets are of two categories, the first one is the regular sizzling ticket and the second one is called VIP sizzling ticket. Both these things serve a different purpose which is explained below.

Regular sizzling tickets can be earned by completing the various daily tasks in the game, you can get your hands on basic armor sets by indulging in the spice fest.

VIP sizzling tickets can only be completed if you complete hunts, these hunts will involve you hunting for a specific creature. These hunts won’t be easy at all but if you can successfully complete the hunt, you will be rewarded with a VIP ticket.

VIP sizzling tickets are random drops in these types of hunts so make sure that you get in as many hunts as you can in the game. This will increase your chances of getting your hands on the VIP season ticket.

If you get your hands on the Passion Alpha Armor during the Sizzling Spice event, your chances of earning a VIP ticket during the hunt will be increased exponentially.

Your best way to earn VIP tickets is to complete daily challenges and build the Passion Alpha Armor piece by piece, this will also help you earn unique, rare, and legendary armor sets, special furniture, and other items for your room in Monster Hunter World.