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Warframe Sisters Of Parvos Complete Tenet Weapons List

Find out about all the available weapons in Warframe Sisters of Parvos.

Are you looking for the complete Tenet Weapons list in Warframe Sister Of Parvos? If so we have the complete list of all the weapons in the game. Find out details about each Tenet weapon as well as their characteristics. So, scroll down and find out the complete weapons list of Warframe.


Complete Warframe Sisters Of Parvos Tenet Weapons List

Warframe Sisters Of Parvos Weapons List: All Tenet Weapons

There are a total of 12 Tenet weapons that arrived in the Sisters of Parvos update. We have mentioned all of these below as well as the type of weapons they are.


Signature Weapons

Tenet Envoy

The Envoy is a rocket launcher. It is wire-guided for more accuracy. However, this also makes it very slow. To reload the weapon the Granum Attache system is used. This weapon is unique to the Sisters.

Tenet Diplos

The Diplos is a pair of pistoles. These also have an auto-lock feature that allows you to shoot from the hip. To reload the weapon the Granum Attache system is used. This weapon is unique to the Sisters.


Tenet Spirax

This is a rail gun in the form of a pistol. It also has a special reload boost that makes the weapon reload faster whenever you get a headshot. This weapon is unique to the Sisters.

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Primary Weapons Variants in Warframe Sister of Parvos

Tenet Tetra

This upgrade allows the weapon to have a large magazine size. Manages to offset the weapon’s slow firing speed.

Tenet Flux Rifle

The Flux Rifle now has a better firing rate and range. Ammo Clips make an appearance for better power utilization.

Tenet Acra Plasmor

Weapon blasts will now ricochet allowing for a higher range. Enemies get inflicted with radiation on using this weapon.

Secondary Variants

Tenet Cycron

Cycron now has a refracting energy disc that is capable of splitting the main target into 2 nearby targets.

Tenet Dendron

The Dendron gets an additional firing mode that empties the entire magazine in one go.

Melee Weapons in Warframe Sisters of Parvos

These weapons are not received from the sisters. However, they were part of the same update.

Tenet Agendus

Has a hammer and shield whose heavy attacks launch energy discs at enemies.

Tenet Exec

A heavy blade that performs slam attacks unleashing multiple amounts of shockwaves.

Tenet Livia

This is a two-handed nikana that builds blocking angles from blocking. It will also pause combo duration when holstered.

Tenet Grigori

A two-handed scythe with heavy slide attacks that release ricocheting energy disks. It will also pause combo duration when holstered.

This is the complete Warframe Sisters of Parvos Weapons list. While you are here you can also have a look at How To Get Primary Arcane Adapter in Warframe.