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Tower Of Fantasy Best Gifts For Each Simulacrum

Check out our guide that explains the gifts and the best gifts for each Simulacrum in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play gacha stylized MMORPG by Perfect World. As it is an MMORPG, there’s a wide range of characters that you can pick. One of these characters type includes Simulacra that are the weapon characters. These characters can awaken to uncover their backstories and their traits. These can be their passive abilities which can be pretty effective during fights. But to do so, you need to create a bond with them. And for that, you have to gift them with awakening points. So, here’s our guide that explains gifts and the best gifts for Simulacrum in the Tower of Fantasy.

Best Gifts for Each Simulacrum in Tower of Fantasy

Here’s the list for every Simulacra and their preferred gifts in TOF:

Simulacrum Best Gifts 
Zero New Game Console
Tsubasa Aida Comic/Limited Tata Figure/ Plush toy
Nemesis Angela Ornament
Meryl Warren Fossil
King Crown Token/ Warren Fossil
Huma Angela Ornament
Hilda Limited Tata Figure/Aida Comic
Echo New Game Console/ Aida Comic
Crow Aida Comic/Limited Tata Figure
Cocoritter Snow Globe
Bai Ling Warren Fossil
 Shiro Silver Cookware/Warren Fossil

For every gift sent, your Simulacra will get 80 Awakening points. Scroll till the end to know everything on gifting and how to send gifts.

How do Gifts Work in TOF (Explained)

Unlike other MMOs where gifting characters is pretty simple, TOF features a slightly more complex method. All the Simulacra have specific and preferable gifts depending on their traits. All the gift rarities have different awakening points to them.

So, here are all the awakening values according to the different gifts:

  • Special Gifts: SSR rarity gets 40 Awakening Points.
  • Fine Gifts: SR rarity gets 20 Awakening points.
  • Small Gifts: N rarity gets 10 Awakening points.

With different tags, you can match it up with these gifts to get bonus Awakening points. The better matched and preferable the tags are, the better bonuses you will receive.

Here are all the matching tags and the bonuses they offer:

  • You can get a bonus of 20 Awakening points on matching a Special Gift tag.
  • Get a bonus of 10 points on matching Fine Gift tags.
  • You can get a bonus of 5 points on matching Small Gift tags.

Now that we have cleared out how gifting works, let’s look at how to send gifts to characters.

How to Send Gifts in TOF

Make note that you cannot send gifts unless you have finished the Mega Arena at level 18. As you earn a gift, you will unlock the Simulacrum Awakening system. This will allow you to send gifts to the Simulacra characters.

So, follow these steps to send gifts:

  • Head to the Simulcara page and select the Awaken tab.
  • Then, select the Simulcara you want to send the gift.
  • As you hit the Gift tab, you will see their preferable gifts and their current awakening progress.
tower of fantasy best gifts for each simulacrum
Image Source – Food Then Games on YouTube.
  • We suggest choosing the gifts that match their favorite tag for additional bonuses.
  • Once you have chosen the gift, hit the send button to gift the selected Simulacra.
  • As you apply enough awakening points, you can also get several rewards for the characters during the progress.

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That’s everything covered about the gifts and the best gifts for each Simulacrum in Tower of Fantasy. If you liked this guide, check out our guide on how to get and use Acidproof Glaze, how to get Tanium, and where to see Mailbox in TOF right here on Gamer Tweak.