Sims 5 Release Date: Rumors, Leaks, Speculation (2024)

Wondering what is the release date for The Sims 5 and on which platforms can we expect the game. Here are all the speculations, rumors, and information related to the release date so far.

Players around the world are already wondering about the Sims 5 Release Date – here’s everything that’s known about it. With the launch of Sims 4 nearing almost a decade, several Simmers and players have been waiting for the Sims 5 for a long time. While it’s officially under the works, EA has released several DLC expansions for the Sims 4. That being said, you might not need to shell out more money or Simoleons with the next sequel in line. Luckily, the developer studio Maxis has shared some information and details regarding this long-awaited launch in Behind the Sims Summit.

Sims 5 Release Date – When will The Sims 5 Come Out?

As the developers at Maxis stated, the Sims 5 is too early in development as of now. So, we might have to wait till 2024 or early 2025 for the announcement of the Sims 5 release date. While we don’t have a release date, Maxis shared their working title or the code name – Project Rene. This name was chosen to be reminiscent of words like renewal, renaissance, and rebirth. But it’s pretty uncertain that any part of this working title would be added to Sims 5.

sims 5 release date

However, the dev team shared that they intend to share all the updates and in-game development. We will be receiving more in-progress work, behind-the-Sims content, sneak peeks, and exploration as time goes on. And you know the best part? The Sims Franchise Creative VP, Lyndsay Pearson, stated that the team would start Early access to Project Rene for small groups over time. She also added, “It is super early for us (the Sims dev team) and we have never shared information about our games before they launch to the world”.

Will the Sims 5 be Multiplayer?

The game Director of Project Rene, Grant Rodiek, stated that the Sims 5 can be both single-player and multiplayer. While it’s unclear how it would fit into the Sims franchise, it will be great to finally have some multiplayer features. Rodiek also said that Sims 5 won’t be an MMO. He added, “You can play on your own, on your terms. And then again, when you want on your terms, you can invite others to come and play with you”.

So, it’s likely that Sims 5 or Project Rene will have optional multiplayer features. You might be able to choose between the single-player and multiplayer experience. But right now, it’s pretty unclear how it will all work.

What Platforms will Sims 5 Release On?

Although the dev team is yet to announce this bit, it’s safe to say we will be getting Sims 5 on PC. The official Behind the Sims stream demonstrated players can switch between PC and mobile smoothly. So, it seems we will also get Project Rene on mobile devices. The game director Rodeik shared that the intention is to play to each platform’s strengths. So, we might get to play the next sequel on PC, Mac, and Mobile devices.

sims 5 release date

However, for Console players, it’s a bit early to confirm or speculate anything. That’s because the Xbox and PS version of Sims 4 was announced three years later. But don’t be disappointed as everything is quite unconfirmed as of now. Considering the Feature Parity, we might get the Sims 5 on all the supported consoles and PC when it releases. Speaking of which, it will be great if Project Rene or Sims 5 is released on Nintendo Switch. But it seems a bit unlikely as Sims 4 is still not available on Switch. Nevertheless, we will have to wait for the devs to confirm the supported platforms for Sims 5 over time.

Will there be Cross-Platform & Cross-Progression Support?

During the Behind the Sims video, Lyndsay Pearson confirmed the compatibility of Cross-platform and Cross-progression for Sims 5. Simmers would easily be able to switch to different screens while using the same save file. That would be extremely feasible for players to switch back between the PC and their mobile devices. It would also mean that the gameplay experience might not falter or differ too much between both.

While demonstrating early technology tests, Pearson stated, “how you can play this game across supported devices of your choosing. Same experience, different screens”. But for which supported devices will it be coming out, is yet to be announced.

As the devs will be sharing the in-game development updates with the team, we will also make sure to update this article as well. So, hit the bookmark and stay tuned for the latest Sims 5 or Project Rene announcements! 

You can also check out the entire Behind the Sims Summit stream below:

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