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Sims 4 Hot Tub Guide – How to build Birthday Hot Tub?

Time for Celebration

The Sims celebrated 20th Anniversary recently and as a celebration, you can add a new item Birthday Hot Tub in the game. If you are looking for Sims 4 hot tub then here is how you can reward one to your Sims. Sims Developer had confirmed the return of hot tub in the game and if you are unable to find then there is what you have to do.

Sims 4 Hot Tub Guide – Where to find Birthday Hot Tub?

Hot Tub comes with 3 Hygiene and 3 Fun. A very interesting item to gift to your Sims in celebration of over 20 years of legacy.

  • To place a hot tub in Sims 4 switch to Build Mode. From the menu on the left click on Outdoor Activities and click the Plant.
  • This will open up a Menu of all Outdoor Activities. Scroll down for Birthday Hot Tub, or you can directly type it in the Search Box.
  • Birthday Hot Tub cost $3000 with an interesting message about The Sims 20th Anniversary you cannot miss.

Sims 4 Hot Tub Guide

It was twenty years ago today, The Sims taught the world to play. We’ve been going in and out of style. But we’re guaranteed to make you smile. So let us raise a toast to you. The fans from all these years. Happy Twenty, Simmers of the land!

With this message, you can build a hot tub in Sims 4 and some more new items. As a treat for 20th Anniversary PS Plus users will get free access to Sims 4 for February 2020.