Sims 4 Free Real Estate Cheat For Housing

Here's how you can get Real Estate for free in the Sims 4 easily.

As we know the Sims 4 is one of the most popular simulation games, to use your creativity & recreate yourself. In this game, you can also buy and build your dream house for your family or yourself. Doing so will surely not come for cheap, and can cost you thousands of Simoleons. However, there’s another way to get free Real Estate in The Sim 4 easily. So without any further ado let’s get into the steps to get a free housing in the game.

How to Do the Sims 4 Real Estate Cheat for Free Houses 

How To Get Free Real Estate The Sims 4 (Cheat Code)

In order to get free Real Estate and the house of your dreams in The Sims 4 here’s what you’ll need to do. Before we dive into the steps, let us tell you, that this process doesn’t require any kind of mods.

  • First, launch The Sims 4 game.
  • Next, select the world you want to move into.
  • Then, press Shift+Ctrl+C on your keyboard.
  • After doing that, a dialogue box will pop up on the top left corner of your screen.
  • And then, type freerealestate on cheat in the blank and simply click on Enter. (Kindly copy the code as mentioned here or else it will not work)
  • After you’re done, click the Esc button to close the dialogue box.
  • Now simply go on and select the house you want to live in and you’ll be good to go. However make sure you don’t pick the house where someone else is already living, or else the cheat might not work.
  • If you want to deactivate the cheat then simply type freerealestate off and that’ll do the trick.

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This is all you need to do for Free Real Estate in Sims 4 and getting a house without spending any of your Simoleons. While you’re here take a look at the Vampire cheats for the game.