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How to Complete SIMS 4 100 Baby Challenge – Guide

100 babies?

Sims 4 100 Baby Challenge requires you to get 100 babies in the game, and this is not a joke. With various challenges in Sims 4, the 100 baby challenge might sound overwhelming. But if you go through this Sims 4 walkthrough you will find it is a simple challenge to complete. It is really fun to have so many babies in the game, following the making Sims pregnant activity you can complete this challenge.

To get started there are some requirements, if you follow the steps properly you will be able to easily complete the Sims 4 100 Baby Challenge. Starting with creating a Young Adult Sim you will have to control her to hit a century of giving birth. Also there is no cheat for completing Sims 4 100 baby challenge, you will have to work for it and complete it following up the regular activities in the game based on rules. The tough part is the restriction that can turn out to be more time-consuming in completing this Sims 4 challenge. But do not worry I will try to make the thing as simple as possible and provide you a working plan to complete Sims 4 100 baby challenges.


How to complete Sims 4 100 Baby Challenge?

Below are the three major strategies to learn to complete the 100 baby challenge. The first is to understand the rules and restrictions, what you can do and what you cannot. Second is the strategy to speed up reproduction and bring 100 sims baby in the world. And third and final strategy is to make some money out of the challenge.

Sims 4 100 Baby challenge rules


  1. No mods, custom content of cheats are allowed to complete this challenge.
  2. Always use Work for Home for the Matriarch. She can create or join clubs  as long as it does not break the 100-day baby challenge rules.
  3. Matriarch cannot go on vacation if she is pregnant. If she wants to go she will have to take the entire household.
  4. Turn on Aging during the challenge, and set to normal Lifespan.
  5. Do not kill the underage sims or give up babies to social service. You will have to raise the babies to complete the challenge.
  6. You cannot age up babies unless you get notification about their birthdays.
  7. You an age up Toddlers only if they reach Level 3.
  8. Children’s and  Teenagers can age up only after getting an A in school.
  9. Young Adults once moved out of the house to make more babies can never return back.
  10. Move out your elderly Matriarch only when the youngest daughter is ready to become the next matriarch.
  11. Matriarch cannot get pregnant by the same Sim twice.
  12. You cannot make the father do all house holdworks, take care of babies, etc.
  13. Assign Teenagers on part-time jobs to earn some money.
  14. Babies trails and aspiration must be randomized. Use Pinstar’s Random Trait generator.
  15. You cannot influence the baby’s gender. Do not use carrots, pop music, etc to influence the gender of unborn babies.
  16. Nanny service is allowed, and you can hire help like maids, gardeners, repair technicians to manage the house.
  17. Network Club, Rally the Troops, and Emotion perk are banned from the 100 baby challenge.
  18. Once babies are grown up they can move out of the house, but they can never come back.

There are still more rules you will have to follow to complete 100 Babies Day Challenges in Sims 4, but the above one are important to consider.

How to play 100 Baby Challenge?


  1. Create a young female Sim to start, she will be your matriarch. You can add traits, aspiration, appearance, voice, etc.
  2. Move the matriarch to a lot you can afford with the funds you have at the start.
  3. Find a male SIM to impregnate the matriarch, referred to as the donors you can use him only once.
  4. From the Sims, menu click on Try for Baby, which will become available once you develop a relationship with the donor.
  5. Continue having children  in the same manner till you have 100 babies in your household.

Cheating and mods are not allowed so this challenge is going to take time.

Tips to win Sims 4 100 baby challenge:


  1. Pick the right set of traits for the Matriarch, this will have a major impact on your game. For example Sim with romance traits will make pregnancy easy. A family trait will help Sim to manage more children. And choose a trait to get help with earning money.
  2. Once you have some funds, try to build and decorate your house. Try to make it look pretty. For example buy good beds to make your Sims comfortable.
  3. Pick a work from a home job early, become a freelancer or earn money through writing books, selling foods, etc.
  4. Keep the matriarch pregnant all the time, this will reduce the time between new babies.

How to make babies to grow fast?

To complete Sims 4 baby challenge you will have to follow some rules for growing up babies. When it comes to aging up Sims through the challenge, they will only age up on their birthday. That means you cannot do any custom changes here, you will have to leave the babies to grow to the next stage. Toddlers can age up on their birthday or once they reach level 3 in all skills. Or after maxing out 3 skills. Children’s and teenagers are allowed to age up on their birthday or after they earn A grade in school.

Can I change Matriarchs in Sims 4 100 baby challenge?

Yes, you can do that, because having 100 babies from one single Sim sounds impossible. Also it will be highly time consuming and daunting. You can change Matriarchs in Sims 4 to find a younger healthier SIM to bring new babies in the world.

As time passes Matriarch will grow old and gain Elder status. This is where you can add a new Matriarch but there is one condition. Only the eldest daughter of the Matriarch can take the position, and the Elder Matriarch will have to remain in the house to assist the young mother.

You will have to wait for the eldest daughter to become an Adult and then she will be free to move out of the home. Elder Matriarch is not allowed to marry until the new one takes her job, and if you made her marry she will have to leave the house.

How to manage Sims 4 100 baby challenge expenses?

To manage 100 babies is not cheap, you will need funds for this task. A house full of babies cannot be left so as the matriarch of the house you can perform some task to bring in some money to manage expenses. Like selling paintings, books, or items from the garden. You can carry out this task from the house.

If you own City Living or Get to Work Expansion then you will do a few extra things. For example City Living expansion will let players have a career during work from home. Get to Work will let players own a retail business.